Get Your Storage Sorted For A Harmonious Home

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As time goes by and as family numbers grow, so does the amount of stuff we accumulate.  It doesn’t take long before our belongings start to take over.  This is a common cause of stress and arguments in the home.

Now is a great time to get your storage solutions sorted and improve the way your home works for you and your family.

Put up shelves

Shelves are a really easy way to move clutter from the floor space and won’t dominate a room.  Shelves are great for organising too.  Group similar items together on separate shelves to stop them looking messy.  Adding extra shelves to cupboards can increase the amount you can store, meaning you can tuck more things out of sight.

Install fitted wardrobes

Free-standing wardrobes are great, but when space is at a premium it may be time to think about switching to fitted furniture.  The advantage here is that you can customise the racks, shelving, and drawers to fit your needs, and cut down on wasted space.

Make use of dead space

Take a walk around your house and try to look at it simply in terms of space.  What areas could be improved?  Are there any unused alcoves that could be utilised for storage?  What’s under the stairs? Is there space at the top of the landing or in the loft?

Take it outside

Once you’ve got the inside as organised as possible with storage, it’s time to think about the outside. If you haven’t got one, a shed is a fantastic addition to create more storage, especially for those items you don’t use frequently.  

Whether you opt for a wood, metal or plastic shed will depend on what you want to store and how much you want to spend.  According to online guide HomeHow, installing a shed can cost between £250 and £1200, but even at the top end of that estimate you are essentially getting an extra room for little money.

Afterall, we’ve all got things in the house that we’re constantly tripping over, such as exercise equipment, outdoor toys, seasonal decorations, tools, bikes, wellies, and of course those things that ‘might come in handy one day’.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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