Getting Fit With The Conqueror Challenge

This is a collaborative post

Have you heard of The Conqueror Challenges? I hadn’t until last month when it popped up in my feed somewhere and I decided to take a look.

I’d like to get fit this year and feel healthier. I also want to get out and about more each day as I always feel better physically and mentally when I’ve had lots of fresh air and spent time outdoors. 

I wanted something to start off the year on the right note, as I do tend to struggle to get going in January, it’s a tough month.

Thanks to the challenge, I do feel like I had a better January than normal. I got out and about a lot more than I usually would and I took up a sport with my daughter, in part for her, in part for this challenge. 

Let me explain a bit about the challenges as I am really pleased with how mine is motivating me. 

The Conqueror Challenges are virtual challenges designed to motivate you to get moving. 

There are various ‘routes’ across the world that you can choose to walk and there are plenty to choose from. Prices for each route are usually £25-£35 and at the end of each challenge you do receive a medal. With every challenge you can also choose to get The Conqueror to donate to plant 5 real trees or recover 50 plastic bottles from the ocean. Challenges can be completed alone or in teams, it’s up to you. 

I have signed up to the Length of the UK challenge, so I am walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats. It’s a total walk of 1,083 Miles and you can choose your own timescales for completing challenges, up to a maximum of 18 months. 

There’s an app that accompanies the challenges so you can see where you are on the map, see other walkers, get a street view and you also get emailed postcards when you go past various milestones and attractions. 

You get fitter and take in some geographical knowledge too!

Herbie and I are enjoying our longer walks and I am taking the opportunity to walk more at other times. It’s definitely getting me out more. 

People complete the challenges in whatever way suits them best. 

For example, you might walk them as I am doing, or perhaps you will run or cover the distance by swimming. You can complete one at a time or join several all in one go. 

It’s completely up to you how you use these challenges, they are a tool for you to help you to get motivated. There are no rules to how you will do them or use them. Some people put all of the movement in each day using their fitness trackers, some people choose to only count certain forms of exercise, some people use it to get them taking up sports. There is an activity calculator that translates lots of different activities into miles for you so you can use things like tennis, housework, gym sessions and such to add to your miles if you wish to. 

I have also seen people use them in a way that isn’t remotely about exercise! I spotted someone the other day using them to help her to read more books this year. She will cover a certain distance with every book she reads and this is motivating her to do so. I mean, I don’t need any more encouragement to read myself, but I love that people are adapting them to motivate themselves in whatever area they want to do so. 

There’s a Facebook community that you get access to after you have signed up for a challenge, which is where I see how others are doing. It’s a very supportive community and it’s good to see others achieving goals, cheering others on to keep going and then it is interesting to see how others are using them, like the book challenge. 

For me anyway, it’s working. I wanted to feel more motivated to get out and about more and I absolutely do. On rainy days (remember Herbie will not walk in the rain!) it encourages me to still get my miles in by some other form of exercise as a stand in. 

I am on track so far to complete it in my timescales, and yes, I have already signed up for another route. I think this could get addictive! 

I’m also working my way around Easter Island at the moment, and I am doing this solely using Ringfit sessions. It’s a way to get me moving more at home and I am hoping the challenge will help me to get into the habit of using my Ringfit, as it’s been gathering dust for a while!

So far, all’s well, and I’m clocking up those miles. All walking is still going towards LEJOG, and the combination of the 2 challenges means I am definitely feeling fitter!

I did think that for anyone who can’t get onto a Conqueror Challenge or there’s not one there that appeals (though there are loads to choose from!), you could create your own route, track your own progress and miles and then go ahead and finish it off in style by creating your own race medals custom. This might also be a fun option if you’re encouraging your kids to join some walks with you, they might like their own little medal at the end. Who wouldn’t?!

What do you think? Have you tried one of these challenges before, or could they be for you? 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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