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Gift Ideas For Boys When You Have No Idea What To Buy!

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It’s my son’s birthday coming up, he’ll be 9 years old. I’m finding it trickier to come up with gift ideas for him with each passing year and from chatting to other parents, I know I’m not alone in this. Today I thought I’d share a few suggestions for gift ideas for boys when you have no idea what to buy for them. 

This list is good for any gender of course, it’s simply that I have my son in mind as I am writing it, as he can be tricky! 


You won’t be at all surprised that I kick off this list with books. Of course there are books!

I’ll always buy books for the children for any and all gift occasions. This is always a handy idea for any child you are buying for.

Find out whether they have any books they’re particularly hoping for, or get them a book token. Our son will be receiving box sets of books series along with single books both fiction and non-fiction. 

Books2Door boxsets

Personalised Gifts

I tend to think that personalising gifts can add a little something extra to any gift idea. It seems like you can get so much personalised these days too, from personalised keyrings to personalised clothing to personalised home-wares and everything in between. 

Kids are likely to be very impressed with products with their own name, familiar facts or photographs on them. Browse the full ranges and an idea is bound to strike you!


Both board games and video games are always a sure fire hit in our home. Both of the kids enjoy these and my son will be enjoying both for his birthday. 

We have so many board games, but there are always so many more on the market and the children love playing them.

The great thing about board games is that they also tend to span a good range of budgets. You can usually pick up smaller pocket or card games for a few pounds, through to the more costly traditional games. 

Video games can also vary in price, though the latest releases are always going to be fairly pricey. For those new games, your child is probably going to be telling you that they want it anyway, so there’ll be no guessing involved!


At this sort of age, clothing as a gift tends to be well received. Of course, it needs to be ‘fun’ clothes, not run of the mill stuff!

This might be their favourite football club’s clothing, fun slogan tees, or perhaps their beloved YouTubers merchandise. 

Their Favourite Hobby or Obsession

Many kids have a favourite hobby or obsession. Pokemon, Harry Potter or Minecraft, and the list goes on and on. 

Of course retailers understand this and are very good at honing in on any current trends. Which means that if you type in something like ‘Minecraft gifts’ into your search bar, you will likely be inundated with possibilities.

You will have plenty of choice then, so you might grab a Minecraft mug, Minecraft LEGO or maybe Minecraft slippers. 

An Experience or Event

These can be some of the best gifts of all, and there are so many options with this one. 

You could choose theatre tickets, book them into a sporting event, tickets to a music concerts or vouchers or tickets for days out. 

There are then plenty of other possibilities, depending on their interests. For example, they might love animals, so there could be a zookeeper experience for them or perhaps they’d enjoy adopting an animal. 

I hope this has given you a few ideas, and I’m always happy to hear more!

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post

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