Gifts for Guinea-Pig Loving Children

As you’ll know, we love our guinea pigs here and the kids absolutely adore Jessie and Leia. With Christmas coming up, I have had a little think about guinea pig related present ideas for you that have gone down well here. Hopefully this will inspire you if you are looking to buy gifts for the guinea pig fan in your life and whilst it’s called ‘Gifts for guinea-pig loving children’ we all know that adults will love these, too…

Guinea Pig Books

From picture books to chapter books to retellings of the classics, there are plenty of books featuring guinea pigs to choose from.

A couple of great picture books are My Best Friend Bob and I Love Guinea Pigs. For slightly older children, there is The Tales of Olga da Polga which is a lot of fun. There is then a Rainbow Magic Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy and Boo also has several of these fabulous guinea pig versions of classic books – Pride and Prejudice with guinea pigs, anyone?!

Guinea Pig Stationery

Zazzle have loads of guinea pig stationery in stock, and much of it can be personalised, too. Boo now has a notebook, tote bag, postcard and a pen, too!

Guinea Pigs at Zazzle

I also spotted this gorgeous Wrendale tin and cute guinea pig calendar, and I’m thinking both would make lovely gifts.

Guinea Pig Films

We have G Force, and we have watched it A LOT! The kids also love Bedtime Stories, as Bugsy the guinea pig is very funny in that, and it makes them want to put their guinea pigs on their heads. Of course. Guinea Pig DVDs

If you have guinea pigs in your family, do you have all of these? Or have I managed to give you a little gift inspiration? Hoping so! I’d love to hear of any more guinea pig gift ideas for the kids?

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7 thoughts on “Gifts for Guinea-Pig Loving Children”

    1. Ah, yes! We’ve seen that episode, but I didn’t think about the fact there’d probably be a book. Thanks for the tip, the kids loved watching it, so I’m sure they’ll love the book x

  1. We have My Best Friend Bob! And gosh if it isn’t a brilliant read. There’s one bit in it that reduced my four-year old to the kind of hysterical giggles that bursts every mother’s heart! He’s never laughed quite as much since the first time but it’s guaranteed this book a firm place in my rotation of bedtime stories.

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