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Boo’s 5 now, a school girl and growing up so fast. It means that I now get plenty of one on one time with Little Man, but not so much with my gorgeous girl. I miss it. I miss having her round me, chattering away. I miss the quiet times we used to have when she was at home and Little Man napped. We’d craft, do puzzles or snuggle up together with a film. It’s so very rare that it’s just the two of us now, which is strange, as for nearly 3 years of her life, it was only the two of us. I’m happy she’s growing up and loving school, but I want my girl back, too!

boo nov 2014

So I thought I’d put together a list of ideas of things we can do, just the two us us, over the coming weeks…..

1. A cinema trip. We adored our trip to see Frozen last Christmas, starting a year long love of the film, and the characters, and the songs…! We also went to see Muppets Most Wanted, which she wasn’t as keen on, but Little Man is a big Muppets fan, so it’s been watched plenty of times since on DVD. I’m looking forward to trying a new film with her soon, along with the obligatory sweets and drinks, too.

2. A meal out. It needn’t be any more than a chip shop or Greggs, and my daughter will be delighted!

3. A shopping spree. She’ll no doubt have Christmas money to spend. It’ll no doubt go on Lego, TMNT and the Build A Bear shop. I am prepared!

4. An afternoon of crafting, Hama beads, wordsearch and puzzle games, Aquabeads and so on. All of those things that we struggle to do with a toddler getting involved! He makes it fun, but it’d be nice to have a chilled one, where we actually get to complete some of our projects!

5. This one is my absolute favourite. Not only because it’s totally my idea of the perfect trip out, but because when I asked her what she’d like to do, just the two of us, this was her answer. Go to a stationery shop and a book shop. That’s my girl! Last time we went to Waterstones together, she dropped her coat, took off her shoes and settled in! And then we loved going to the Smiggle Bull Ring shop opening, so she wants to repeat these little adventures. Oh, I am so proud!

Now Boo also adores scooting, cycling, playgrounds, nature trails and so much more, but I also know that she’d prefer to do things like that with her little brother. They have this total adoration thing going on, and who am I to stop it?! So I’ve deliberately chosen things that we are better off doing without the boy!

What do you think? Do you get one-on-one time with your little ones?

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12 thoughts on “Me and My Girl”

  1. Brilliant list. I get a good few days a week with Z at the moment mainly as he’s still in preschool and I feel ultra guilty when he misses a day so that we can do something together. After reading this I’m going to try not to feel guilty as, once he starts school, that time won’t come back!

  2. What a lovely list. I do know exactly what you mean-my daughter is 8 and I still miss her when she’s at school. It’s hard finding the one to one time sometimes isn’t it, but it makes it extra special when you do x

    1. It does make it feel really special, and I’m determined to get some of these little trips in over the holidays x

  3. Oh it sounds so lovely to have one on one time with Boo. The only time I get with A is when T is napping in the afternoon and we try and do things together during this time – painting or crafts x

    1. Yes, that always used to be our time before she started school and I did enjoy it. But now we have to make more effort to get it, and I am determined to get it, as it’s lovely 🙂 x

  4. I very rarely get any one on one time with my children, in fact if it happens, it’s usually because they’re ill! I think it becomes very special time, very precious, and makes memories that last, and I really should focus on having that special time more in the new year 🙂

  5. This caught my eye as I was scrolling through my bloglovin feed as I’ve just posted a similar post about quality time with my boy! However, I haven’t had any alone time with just the girl for ages either so I’m noting your ideas and making a point of planning some time – just me and her. I like the idea of cinema and going somewhere for some chips 🙂 Great post, I feel your experiences are similar to me a few years back!

    1. Ah, how funny! Oh yes, that’s a real favourite trip, and nice and easy, too. Hope you have fun and thank you x

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