Gorgeous Winter Wear for Kids

If there’s one thing that I do like about winter, it’s winter wear. The scarves, woolly hats, boots and big warm coats. Then underneath all of those clothes there are the jumpers, with shots of glitter and sparkles, tartan prints, chunky cords and more. I do love it, and it’s all about the kids wardrobes, far more so than mine! That’s the great thing about being a child, outgrowing your clothes all the time so that you need new ones!

Fortunately, I do like choosing both Boo and Little Man gorgeous clothes to wear over Christmas and then for their outdoors adventures. Boo enjoys getting new things and does get involved in deciding what to wear at the weekends. She tends to favour skirts and dresses, though of course being the completely biased mum that I am, I think she looks adorable in whatever she wears. Little Man loves new clothes, especially footwear, and always offers his opinion on his wardrobe.

Getting the right warmth is a tricky one in the colder weather as both kids do take after me and tend to be warm more often than not, so whilst I don’t want them chilly, I need to ensure they don’t overheat! Layers are our friend.

So the kids and I had a little look over at Mayoral and picked out a few favourites.

I like these for Boo….

Girl Mouflon Wool Coat, Girl Padded Jumper, Buckle Boots, Girl Hooded Scarf, Girl Denim Skirt, Girl Check Dress

They have a great range of girls jackets, accessories and pretty Christmas clothing – Boo has loved exploring it all with me. I mean, how cute is that jumper? Come to think of it, I’d wear that myself!

And then we like these for Little Man…

Boy Shirt Long Sleeves, Boys Faded Trousers, Boy Mouflon Wool Duffle Coat, Mountain Boots, Boy Knit Hooded Jumper, Boy Beanie and Scarf Set

Little Man would be as snug as a bug and look so cute in these clothes. I do love a duffle coat and those mountain boots look so comfortable and durable.

They have several ranges there, covering Newborn 0-12 months, Baby 3-24 months, Mini 2-9 years and Junior 8-16 years. My two are both ‘Mini’ at the moment but I did also check out the older range of clothing and the boys jackets, jumpers and t-shirts all look great too.

Do you love winter wear? What do you like best?

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