GPS Tracking for Kids

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Watching your child grow is an exciting and daunting process! When they get to the age of being able to start venturing out alone, it is important to know that they are safe. However, if you are not keen on providing them with a GPS smartphone, there are some great GPS watches that you can choose from instead. Take a look at some of the most popular options available now.

Blackview Waterproof GPS Smartwatch

If you are looking for a watch that will partner with your child’s phone, then the Blackview Waterproof GPS Smartwatch is a good choice. It comes with highly accurate GPS that can be used to pinpoint their exact location and share this information with you via an app on your mobile phone. 

Your child will also be able to use their watch to receive calls and notifications, as well as giving them the ability to set alarms and access other information, including the weather. The watch is waterproof to 50m, and monitors sleep too! Perhaps the best thing about this device is that you can control what notifications your child gets during the day from the app on your phone.


Kids Smartwatch By AOYMJRS

If your child is desperate to have a feature-packed watch, then this one is for them! With a camera, photo album, phone book, games, and call settings, they will be able to stay in touch and enjoy taking photos of what they are up to when they are away from you. This watch is also water-resistant, so it will be fine if they are caught out in the rain.

The in-built GPS will enable you to check out their location whenever you need it, and there is an SOS function that will call up to three chosen numbers when the button is pressed for three seconds. You can also set up to three time periods in which the watch features (except SOS) cannot be used, allowing you to ensure a good night’s sleep and no concentration lapses in school!

NN Kids Waterproof Smartwatch

If you have a child that loves to get out on the water, then this NN Kids Waterproof Smartwatch is a great choice! It is completely water and dustproof and can be taken surfing, body boarding, and any other type of water sports they love.

The watch may not be jam-packed with features, but it does come with an SOS function that allows them to call you directly from their wrist when there is a problem. If you want them to be able to make calls to friends and other relatives, then all you need to do is add the contact into the watch phonebook!

Themoemoe Smartwatch

If you want a watch that can grow with your child, then the Themoemoe Smartwatch may be perfect! It is suitable for ages 4 – 12 and provides reliable GPS that allows you to track where your child is when you’ve trusted them to go off with friends or on an errand. All you need to do is connect it to your phone and then start tracking.

It comes with a range of other features, including an SOS button, call function, camera, torch, and an alarm clock. Each of these tools helps to promote their independence and teach them skills they need to stay safe. The good news is that you can put a do not disturb timer on too that will freeze the features when you want them to focus on school or sleep!

Xplora X 2

If you are keen to help your child track their activity as well as having access to GPS, the Xplora X 2 is a good choice. It is water-resistant, comes with a built-in camera, and allows you to monitor what they are doing and where they are up to through the companion app on your phone. 

The exercise tracker counts their steps and activity level throughout the day, providing them with valuable feedback on their day. The selfie cam is a great addition to help them record important moments in their day, and the photos that are taken can be sent to their watch contacts with a simple tap of the screen.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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