Great Pre-School Books from Salariya

Little Man has been lucky enough to receive a few books from the Salariya book company, so today I’ll introduce them to you along with giving one of you the chance to win all three of them…

Salariya books for Little Man

He has received:

Mixed-Up Robots

Mixed Up Robots

This spiral-bound flip-book lets children have hours of fun assembling a variety of outlandish robots from everyday items like laptops and musical instruments to make them look the way they want. The robots can be mixed and matched into 32,768 different combinations, so the possibilities are enormous – there could be a robot with a typewriter for a head, another with an accordion for a body or a third with screwdrivers for legs!

Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book

Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book

Introducing a fantastic new dinosaur activity book that will entertain children for hours! The title contains an exciting world for children to get lost in, filled with many enormous dinosaurs, from terrifying tyrannosaurs to swooping pterodactyls. Children will love to complete these fun games and fill the scenes with stickers.

Wipe-Clean: Dot-To-Dot Safari

wipe clean dot to dot safari
Follow the dots for fun … over and over again! On every page–even the cover–kids can trace over the dotted outlines . . . and then wipe them clean and start again. With brightly colored pictures to entice them, it’s an easy, playful way for children to learn pen control and lay the foundations for handwriting skills. The pen’s included! Come take a drawing safari–and meet and draw all kinds of fun animals in the wild. Along the way, children will get to know big cats like the cheetah and lion, a friendly elephant, a graceful gazelle, an ostrich, and many other appealing creatures.

The Verdict

Little Man reading mixed up robots

All three books have captured Little Man’s attention in different ways and supported his learning.

The first one that he was drawn to was the Mixed Up Robots book. He understood how this one works straightaway as he has a similar book with farm animals in it which he loves. This one is all about fun, creativity and imagination. It’s also given us plenty of opportunities to talk about the different features of the robots, including chatting about colours and shapes.

The Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book is crammed full of activities and has kept Little Man and his big sister busy for quite some time. There are push-out dinosaurs to slot together as well as drawing, a maze, spot the difference, counting and of course, the stickers pages. The stickers pages themselves are a bit different, too, as they include fossil timelines and egg hatching amongst other things. The stickers are bright and come away without tearing, which is always a plus!

I’d have to say that the wipe clean dot to dot book has probably been the biggest success for us. Little Man is not really a fan of putting pen to paper, largely I’ve always thought, because he is something of a perfectionist and doesn’t want to make a ‘mistake’. It’s a shame as this stops him from attempting things and holds him back. However, once he understood that this was wipe clean and he could simply wipe away ‘mistakes’ he was happy and keen to write. The wipe clean aspect has made a real difference to him wanting to have a go at writing and following lines and he’s been improving so much since he had this book, in both his ability and his willingness to do it. It’s been a pleasure to see him with this book.

Little Man dot to dot

Competition Time

I do have all 3 of these books up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning the three of them, please enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 12th September 2016. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about these books?

Disclosure: We received these books FOC for the purposes of this post

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91 thoughts on “Great Pre-School Books from Salariya”

  1. I love that they can use their imagination with the robot one! Hours of fun! The wipe clean book is a great idea and anything with Dinosaurs is always a winner! Fab selection of books

  2. Oh! These books look FANTASTIC! My little man would love all 3. He loves the flip style books, he has a vehicle one where you have to match the type of vehicle to the surface it travels on, which he loves and it’s a book we love to look at together saying whether the matches are correct or not and laughing about a train that travels on the sea, etc. He’s majorly getting into dinosaurs, so that one would be a hit too and the wipe clean dot-to-dot would be perfect for him as he often asks me to remove the colour from colouring books he’s completed, he’s only just gaining his confidence in this sort of thing so allowing him to erase mistakes would really help his confidence and learning.

  3. Colourful, interesting, and fun which are elements which attract children :- Assisting in the Learning process.

  4. I think what appeals to me is that they are interactive, also the wipe clean one is great for using again.

  5. Joanne Hutchings

    It appeals to me that these books will be so much fun that my little one won’t even realise that he’s learning.

  6. They look fantastic, they are interactive so get the children involved. We would have a lot of fun together with these wonderful books.

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  8. I love all the nice colours and they seem very interactive and would keep the child’s attention which is something that my little boy struggles with

  9. Heather Morrison

    I think all kids books should be wipe clean! I think it’s genius. Would save on a lot of childhood frustration for my little boy when he makes a mistake. He loves the flippy books too and mixing up his toys. His favourite toys mash up with eachother and he laughs his head off at the funny things he makes. Great ideas xx

  10. I love the spiral bound flip book of Mixed Up Robots and that you can create new robots by turning the pages and lots of activities with the other books too

  11. Great for grandson, have already ordered sticker books and dot to dot, great stocking fillers for that naughty word xmas

  12. Love how each is different yet educational at the same time and will definitely appeal to my little man who loves robots and dinosaurs particularly

  13. Particularly like the robot one! I’d like the dinosaur one also teach my small about dinosaurs. Great giveaway. Thanks

  14. What a fantastic set of books designed to engage and stimulate a desire for learning in all youngsters! Hours and hours of fun for pre-schoolers of all abilities. An excellent choice!

  15. They’re perfect to do with my little one when he’s not at nursery. Even though it’s education, it’s fun, they’re interactive and they look really engaging!

  16. My little boy who is 3 has just started nursery last week, these books would be perfect for us to do at home and encourage him with his learning journey

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