The Guinea Pigs Have A New Home!

I mentioned recently that I have been researching new cage options for our guinea pigs. I’ve spent a fair bit of time on it, as I wanted to get it just right for them. They are now fully grown and though I had the biggest indoor cage I could buy for them, I felt that they needed more room. I decided that I wanted to make them a C&C cage (Cubes & Coroplast) which allows me to make any size that I like for them and I figured I’d go big!

This was their cage set up, as I shared with you last year. This is a Ferplast 120, the minimum recommended cage size for 2 female guinea pigs. When buying C&C cages, they recommend a 2×4 grid, so I ordered that along with a few extra grids to make them a loft area. When it arrived I actually decided to forego the loft and ramp as I wasn’t sure one of them would go up it, so made it all on one level, meaning it’s now a 2×5 cage – you’ll see what I’m on about in a moment!

Along with giving them a bigger space, I bought a few new tunnels and bits and bobs for them to play with in there – well there was more space to fill! I also opted to have the cage on a stand as I will then have storage space underneath to put all of their food, bedding and fleeces (when the weather turns cooler I’ll be popping fleece cosies into the cage for them to snuggle down into) and I also like the idea of them being higher up so that we’re not all looming over them quite as much.

The cage arrived like this…


Hmm, a tad daunting! But I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to build them and I soon got the hang of it. Along with the grids, we needed correx to place inside it as a base and sides. You can pick this up from your local sign-makers, and fortunately, I happen to be married to a sign-maker so he brought some home for me and cut it all to size. It was all pretty easy to do and I like the flexibility of these cages. If I want to I can add more loft space later on as I’ve seen cages with two levels and though the correx should last well through cleans, if need be I can replace that in a year or so if it becomes a bit grubby.

Anyway, here it is….



At the moment I’m using newspaper and fitch bedding, though I am constantly experimenting with different beddings!

Here’s the video of when they first go in….

They love it. It’s only been a couple of days since I made it now and I’ve noticed such a difference in their activity levels. They are both regularly running around and playing, zooming through tunnels, nudging the ball around and popcorning. It’s lovely to see and I’m glad I went for the biggest cage that I could possibly accommodate with a bit of furniture rearrangement! I also like that there is no lid on it and it’s now off the ground as I’ve noticed that the kids are paying a lot more attention to them now and they’re getting plenty of cuddles, which they are always happy to receive.

It’s a hit all round, what do you think?

If you’re thinking of getting guinea pigs as pet, I’d recommend checking out 5 Things to Consider Before Getting Guinea Pigs.

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9 thoughts on “The Guinea Pigs Have A New Home!”

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  4. Looks great! My two loved running about in a larger cage in the garden, munching on the grass. I think more space is always good, to a certain extent, for Guinea Pigs. Yours are so lucky to be so well looked after.

  5. This is really great! You could even by cubed storage bins to put their supplies in and slide under the open spaces under neath!

  6. I’m curious why you left the fleece option when you upsized their home? I’ve just started the research phase and have read a bunch of your links. It’s been helpful as a good starting point for me as the mom 😉

    1. I found it to be higher maintenance, and the pigs really seem comfortable on the fitch bedding. I experimented with a few but this seems to be their preference and it’s absorbent so I clean them out less than when on fleece. Glad to hear my posts have been helpful!

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