Haba Wooden Block Puzzle: Giraffe Gisi – Review

A new toy arrived a couple of weeks ago from The Toadstool for us to #Toadtest. I was delighted to discover that it was one for Little Man (currently at 19 months old), though of course, Boo has been playing with it, too. It has been a huge hit, so I’ll share it with you…

300133-haba-toys-for-children-picture-cubes-puzzle-giraffe-gisiHaba Wooden Block Puzzle: Giraffe Gisi – 18M+

A funny, highly entertaining, first game for toddlers with easy to follow rules. Help Zookeeper George build his animals using the die or use for free play. Great for animal recognition and learning colours.


  • 4 puzzle cubes
  • 5 cardboard pieces
  • Zookeeper George
  • 1 die
  • set of instructions



These are the contents of the box and the game…

Haba Wooden Block Puzzle Giraffe Gisi

The pieces are chunky, feel durable, weighty enough to feel like quality, without being too heavy to play with, and I just love them! The designs are bright and colourful, and the combinations lots of fun to make. There are several animals and both of the children like to see them..

haba block puzzle

The instruction booklet tells us that it can be used in free play, or play the game with the little stepping stones and the dice. Little Man is all about the free play. He likes making the animal noises, so here’s a roar!

haba block puzzle 1

He is really interested in animals and their noises at the moment, so these have been a huge hit for that. He can’t yet make up their faces, but delights in them when I do it for him. This will also be good for talking about colours, which we do now, but he’s yet to grasp them. All in good time! But what he can do, and loves to do, is stack…

Haba Block Puzzle stacking

Look at that concentration on his face! My son is not one for staying still for long, no, not at all, yet this toy has really engaged him. He wants to play with it daily and is excited when he sees me getting it for him.

His sister, at 4 years old, likes to make the animals and play the game. Little Man will join in then with the game, as he really enjoys throwing the dice!

haba block puzzle game

It’s been a real hit, this one. With all of us. I love the traditional feel to it, and the quality. It’s well-made and I just know that it will last without chipping or getting tatty. Boo likes playing the game and putting the pieces together to form the animals (we race to see how quickly she can do it – she is fast!) and Little Man adores it. He stacks for now, but soon he’ll move on to using it to complete the puzzles, and then to teach him basic game-play, too. It’s a versatile product like that, one that will grow with him, and I think the 18m+ guidance age is spot on as he enjoys it now, and will take more from it in the months to come. I have tried to find little things I may want to improve with it, but I really can’t. Especially not when I see how happy he is to play with it.

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44 thoughts on “Haba Wooden Block Puzzle: Giraffe Gisi – Review”

  1. What a lovely looking toy. It looks like great quality and like it would withstand being played with by excited children! We love simple toys, stacking toys and puzzles in our house – this would be a hit xx

  2. I love your review! Even from the box I could not tell there was a game included. Lol that’s is the great thing about letting other parents test it, they can explain by far better then the box. and definitely games!
    And omg little man changed sooo much! Thank you for #triedtested

    1. Glad you like it, Niki. He really enjoys this game, and will happily play with it every day – there’s not many things he’ll do that with! And yes, he’s growing up! Thanks x

  3. LOVE this. Love Haba stuff too. The wooden blocks look so colourful and durable and I can see lots of play potential too. Super cute photos by the way 🙂
    x x

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