Halloween Reads For Spooky Season

This is a collaborative post

The spooky season is upon us, so we’re planning to get a few Halloween reads together to get us all in the mood.

Halloween is a funny one here in the UK, as when I was little it really wasn’t a big thing at all, but these days that’s all changed. The kids love it, they really look forward to it each year and we already have plans to spend it with friends. 

I adore all things scary, spooky and macabre, so I do enjoy leaning into the season! I will always watch a load of horror films in the build up to Halloween, and I like to grab a horror book or two around then. 

I’m working with Books2Door this month, and they have plenty of Halloween books to choose from so that everyone can indulge in some seasonal reads. They’ve got a 10% off promotion running this month on these Halloween reads for you. 

I spotted some adorable picture books over there for little ones, both new and classics. I mean, you can never go wrong with Funnybones, can you? I loved that one as a kid and my two enjoyed it growing up. They’re a little old for it now, but I think I will still have to grab it and read it to them this year.

Now unlike me, my two are not into all things scary. Yet they love Halloween.

They’re more Hocus Pocus Halloween than Nightmare on Elm Street Halloween! As such, we’ve been looking for some books that have a Halloween feel without terrifying them! This is what we’ve come up with.

For my son, we have The Saga of Larten Crepsley Books by Darren Shan. These are vampire based, and as he loves Twilight, I think they’ll be right up his street.

Of course, Twilight is another good recommendation for Halloween reading without real scares, and then there are always the classic Goosebumps books too. 

He’s also been reading the Aveline Jones’ books at school, as their class read and is telling me all about it each day, so I know those books must be good. My son isn’t one to tell me anything at all about his school day, so volunteering information about the book they’re reading must mean it’s grabbed his attention.

For my girl, we’ve got a spooky, cosy romance, The Other Ones by Fran Hart. This one suggests it’s perfect for fans of Heartstopper and Gilmore Girls, and as she loves both of those, this should be perfect!

I’ve then suggested she read Virginia Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic series.

I read these at her age and I’d say they were amongst my favourite teenage books so I’ll be interested to see what she thinks. 

These are not classically scary books so she’ll be fine with them, but they do have a dark, twisted, secretive feel to them so they’ll fit the season well. 

For me, I have a few horrors on my shelves that I’ve not yet read.

I have several more to read in the Odd Thomas series, and if you’re not one for horror generally, I’d recommend these if you are looking for a light sprinkle of horror and ghostly tales, and still be able to sleep at night. 

If you’re looking for something scarier, you won’t go far wrong with the master of horror so get yourself a classic Stephen King boxset

Odd Thomas books

If you’d like to try Books2Door, you can shop through their website or you can get the Books2Door app from Google Play or the App Store and you’ll get 10% off when you install the app.
Just search for ‘Books2door’ and it’ll pop up for you. 

If you’re a regular book-buyer, there is a loyalty scheme for customers, Book Points, where you’ll receive points for every pound spent and you can redeem them against your next order. There’s also a £5 off offer for each of you when you refer a friend. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Books2Door have also got a delivery service which is well worth a look if you’re like us and are often buying books. 

They offer a PLUS+ delivery service, with both Silver and Gold membership options.

You can pay an annual fee for all of your delivery costs, you just need to add your chosen membership to your cart when buying books to get going with this. Choose from:

PLUS+ SILVER = Pay a £6.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (standard shipping, 3-5 working days)

PLUS+ GOLD = Pay a £9.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (express shipping, 1-2 working days)

It’s always fun to read seasonally, to really get lost in the time of year. Of course after our spooky reads we’ll be starting to think about festive books!

What will you be reading for Halloween?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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