A Spook-tacular Halloween

We’ve not really done Halloween here before. It’s not been something we’ve been particularly interested in, but as with many things when kids come along, we are making more of an effort with this time of year, and are definitely seeing the fun in it now! We decided to kick things off with a Halloween-themed day at the weekend (yes, I know we’re early, but we wanted Daddy around for the fun and he’ll be working on Friday).

We spent a very happy, if a tad windy, few hours at the National Forest Adventure Farm, enjoying their half term Halloween Spook-tacular week. First off, Boo had to check on her scarecrow Lily (we made her there on our first visit, so Boo likes to see her!), we had some lunch in the restaurant, and then it was off to say ‘hi’ to the animals…


And then it was all about Halloween….

pumpkin field


pumpkin carving

Boo loved carving her first pumpkin! It was then time for a run around the fabulous play areas….

play areas

And it was then back to the courtyard for Broomstick Training…

broomstick training

Did you know you have to hold a broomstick the right way up or the magic runs out of it? And that you have to check the bristles for tiddly-winkers as they eat the magic? Oh yes, Boo knows it all now, and she absolutely adored it! I thought it was a really fun magical idea. I loved watching her there, taking it all in, concentrating on what she needed to do to become broomstick-flying accredited!

And on our return, we lit our Jack O’Lantern and ate pumpkin-patterned hot dogs (and do note, Little Man has his spooky, ghostly top on, too!)

Halloween evening

Kicking Halloween off in style!

It was yet another lovely time had at the National Forest Adventure Farm, this being our third visit there in as many months (you can read about how we found the farm and activities here, and then our Spudfest adventure here for more information). The staff are very friendly, always seem to be about and ready to help, and I do love the ingenuity of the place in coming up with fun things to do that get you wanting to go back time and again. Spook-tacular’s on all of this week, until Sunday 2nd November, if your little ones fancy joining in. There’s pumpkin carving, scare school, find the mummies in the maze, broomstick training and a haunted house, along with all of the usual attractions.

What do you do for Halloween?

Disclosure: We received entrance to the National Adventure Forest Farm FOC, though all words and opinions remain my own

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48 thoughts on “A Spook-tacular Halloween”

  1. Oh wow don’t pumpkins look amazing in the field? The one we went to just had them already picked in a poly tunnel. I wanted to go into the field!!
    I am impressed with the sausage-who knew you could put images on them this could open up a whole new world hehe #MagicMoments

  2. Looks and sounds like you all had a fab day out lovely. We’re off to a Halloween event this arvo, then on Friday we’re having a little tea party at home with friends, and Fri evening the girls are out trick or treating with the neighbours. Fun times 🙂 xx

  3. I love the look of this place! It looks so fabulous (for kids and adults!) I love Halloween and want to go to a pick your own pumpkin but there is none local to me. I may have to do the 2 hour drive next year!

  4. This looks like a fabulous time, it’s great that you got to have some great Halloween fun whilst Daddy was there to join in as well. I’m sure they’re all super excited for Friday now though! Popping in from Magic Moments.

  5. This looks fantastic hun. What a fun filled day of celebrating Halloween. I love pumpkin patches. Great photos too. They all look so happy and entertained. Halloween is great for kids.

  6. Love the big pumpkin patch! Looks like great fun.
    Sadly, I’m 41 and have STILL never carved my own pumpkin! When I worked my parents used to buy them for us and my dad carved them. This year I was determined to do it myself, but left it too late to buy one! 🙁

  7. Looks great!! I LOVE the broomstick training that is just so so cute! That Guinnea pig in the first picture looks MASSIVE so lovely and fluffy!
    Lovely photo of the pumpkin field too, the colours are gorgeous x

  8. I love the broomstick training! We are not the hugest fans of trick or treating but we carved pumpkins, had a garden fire and toasted marshmallows and cooked our own bread over the flames. Loved it 🙂

    1. No, we didn’t do that, but the pumpkins and broomstick training were fun – we’ll have to add marshmallows to the list for next year!

  9. Another very popular place in Blog Land! It seems like you’ve really had a fab Halloween. So much fun (and I love Little Man’s t-shirt!) 🙂 X #countrykids

  10. What a superb place to visit and the activities for Halloween sound so much fun for all. I can’t get over all those pumpkins! I enjoyed seeing hundreds, like that, when we were in California in autumn last year. This year, back in New Zealand – and spring – there’s nothing but plastic pumpkins (imported from China, of course!).

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