Happy 10th Birthday, Boo

Today my daughter turns 10 years old, the big 10!

I can’t quite believe that we are in double figures already. Boo seems to be growing so quickly.

As a baby, Boo was always on the go, she wasn’t one for slowing down and napping. She wanted to discover everything and when she could talk, she would ask us everything about everything. She was then beyond thrilled when her little brother came along.

She is the very best big sister, she loves playing with Little Man as his equal, but then she can swiftly move into big sister mode when he needs support or protection. She would do anything for him.

Boo is helpful, she is kind, she is friendly, she is bright, she is energetic and she is enthusiastic about pretty much everything all of the time. Boo is bookish and sporty. Boo is mathematically minded and arty. Boo loves drama and languages, she wants to play board games all of the time and then she wants to sing and dance her heart out. She is a child that embraces all that life has to offer and wants to try a piece of everything. Boo makes me so unbelievably proud. Yes, of course she also drives me mad at times, but then that must be completely normal?!

At school Boo has a lovely group of friends. She is happy at school and always comes out smiling. She’s taken up keyboard lessons this year and she’s enjoying them. She also loves her karate lessons and she has these with Little Man so there are practice sessions at home from time to time!

Today, as she turns 10 years old, Boo’s favourite things are:

Disney, books, cuddly toys, board games, chocolate, Herbie, her family, rice pudding, arts and crafts, school and her friends, music and pets.

She is at school today, and then we’ll have grandparents coming round for a narwhal birthday cake, before we have a Chinese takeaway, all Boo’s choice. At the weekend she wants to go on a girl trip, just the two of us, into Birmingham on the train. She wants lunch out and then to shop ’til we drop! We’ll then be having a family birthday tea with my brother and his wife, and I think she’s planning to sleepover at my mum’s afterwards – best check that my mum knows that!

Happy birthday, Boo, I love you to the moon and back.

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