Happy 13th Birthday, Boo

We have a teenager in the house! It’s my girl’s 13th birthday today, my little Boo is growing up.

13 years ago today she made us parents. It sounds like a while ago, but it seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. 

She was just a curious and chatty little toddler a moment ago, and now here she is, in Year 8 at school, growing into the person she’s meant to be.

Boo is kind, bright, inquisitive, organised and empathetic. She is pretty easy going, rarely quiet and always on the go. If her body isn’t moving, you can be sure that her mind is whirring.   

She is always singing, she has a constant jukebox going in her head. She’s just started having singing lessons at school because she loves it so much.

She’s had a busy year, settling into her first year at secondary school and making lots of new friends. She’s comfortable there now, doing well at school and used to her new normal.

As with any teen, she’s been growing in independence and I can see how much she has changed in just this past year. I love spending time with her, I know she needs her alone time relaxing in her room and it’s lovely to see her chatting and going out with friends. 

At 13, Boo’s favourite things are music, Stranger Things, cycling, One Direction, tuna pasta, Friends, books, board games and Disney holidays. 

Today is of course a school day, so we’ve had birthday celebrations over the weekend, ready for a more relaxed evening tonight.

She’s had a sleepover with a friend, they’ve had a fun day out together, we’ve been to the safari park with family and had a birthday buffet. This afternoon she’ll be able to open all of her gifts, watch a movie and get a takeaway, both her choices of course. Hopefully she won’t have any homework!

Happy birthday, Boo. Love you loads. 

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