Happy 14th Birthday, Boo

Today sees my beautiful firstborn turn 14. How?! 

My girl seems to grow up more every month these days, I’m just happy that she still wants to spend time with me and shares so much with me. It’s fun having a teenager.

She’s now in Year 9 at school, and she’s settled in well to the new year. She’s doing well there, has some lovely friends and enjoys being a part of the choir and the school musical. 

My daughter is kind, sociable, bright, inquisitive, empathetic, quick-witted and she never forgets a thing, what a memory!

At 14, Boo loves music, Chinese food, concerts, films, books, clothes shopping, TikTok, theatre trips and Disney Parks. 

Music plays a huge part in her life. She has countdowns to all of the concerts she has to look forward to and she often has her eye on more. So far we have Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift to look forward to.

She is always listening to music, the house is never quiet and her knowledge of music and lyrics is vast. I’m not just talking 2023 stuff, she’ll happily reel off songs from the 70s and 80s, as much as she can the last decade. She’s the person you’d always want on your team at a music quiz!

She also loves musicals, and we’ve seen quite a few together. Her current favourites are Heathers and Hamilton, and yes, of course she knows and sings all of the songs. 

Boo then always has a book on the go, always. Her bookshelves are all crammed full, she reads from my shelves, she borrows from the school library and she gets new books whenever we’re out shopping. 

Her birthday sees her at school, before coming home to birthday cake with her grandparents before we settle in for a movie night and takeaway, all her choice of course. 

She’s then chosen to go away for the weekend, just the two of us, and we’ll be going on something of a music pilgrimage, eating out and shopping. Oh, and the road trip will include lots of music and loud singing!

Happy 14th birthday, Boo. Love you loads.

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