Happy 5th Birthday, Boo

Today my girl turns 5. For the first time since she was born, we’re apart on her birthday as she will be at school. She’s quite content to be going, and another little girl in her class is also 5 today, so I’m sure they’ll have plenty of fun there. It’s another sign of how grown up she is, that she’s comfortable going to school, safe in the knowledge that she has a birthday tea to come home to, presents, cake, grandparents and balloons! And then she’s asked to go to CBeebiesland as her birthday treat, so we’ll be off there tomorrow.

She’s been at school for just over a month now, and has taken to it all so well. I knew that she would. She has a real thirst for knowledge and a confidence that she will make friends with and like everyone around her. She doesn’t tire either, despite everyone telling me that she would, she just keeps on going with her relentless energy! When she returns home each afternoon, she slips easily back into her role of big sister, adoring her little brother and often egging him on into mischief. She’s a fabulous big sister.

My Boo is bright, sociable, energetic, neat, artistic and fun. She loves to read, garden, ride her bike, watch films, paint and explore. At the moment, she adores the TMNT, her favourite colours are pink and yellow and her favourite person in the world is most probably her little brother, though I like to imagine I come a very close second!

boo for birthday

Happy Birthday, Boo xx

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29 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday, Boo”

  1. Happy birthday Boo! And so glad to hear she’s settled in so well at school. It’s such a weight off a parent’s shoulders to know that, as we’re finding with the second of our three who is now 3.5 weeks in and loving it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tim! It really is, it’s a relief to see her happy and thriving there. Glad your son’s doing well, too x

  2. Life at the Little Wood

    Happy birthday little lady! She sounds like such a little sweetheart Jocelyn. Hope you all enjoy all her birthday festivities xx

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