Happy 7th Birthday, Boo

Today my beautiful girl is seven years old. Seven!

I vividly remember the moment that she entered the world, calm in the water and just so utterly perfect.

She was an active baby, an active toddler and as ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 have seen her remain active, I’m going to assume that 7 will be no different!


The energy that this girl possesses is just boundless and though it can be exhausting, it’s great to see her always buzzing around from one thing to another. She rarely walks anywhere, as why walk when you can run, dance, jump or skip, right? She is always on the go, so I’m pleased she has a great passion for books and a love of colouring, puzzles and crafts as she needs a few activities to keep her still for a bit, let her unwind.

School is a pleasure for Boo as she’s in such a lovely class of children and has made great friends there. She thrives when she is challenged and is a little sponge when it comes to learning. She bounces into the classroom and bounces back out every night, my happy little ball of energy.

But I’d say she’s at her happiest when she’s with her brother. She adores Little Man and they have so much fun together, inventing adventures and stories together. She is the very best of big sisters, looking out for him, encouraging him and being endlessly patient with him.

Boo is kind, always thinking of others, bright, confident and friendly. I am so proud of her and look forward to seeing what this year will bring for her.


We’ve just had a wonderful weekend away to celebrate. Though Boo’s at school today, Daddy is off work so he can take and collect her and when she comes home we’ll be having a birthday tea for her, a huge cake, plenty of pizza and jelly and presents galore. Perfect.

Happy birthday, Boo. Love you so much.

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