Happy 8th Birthday, Boo!

Today my beautiful baby girl is 8.

These eight years have just flown by, and my eldest has ensured that I have loved it all.

From baby to toddler to pre-schooler to school girl, Boo has delighted in everything around her. She misses nothing, is freakishly observant, and absorbs all that she can like a little sponge. She wants to learn about everything and gets so excited to discover new subjects, facts, places to go, skills – it really doesn’t matter what it is, this girl approaches everything with bags of enthusiasm.

She’s in Year 3 now at school, a junior. I’ve still yet to see a day that she’s reluctant to go to school, she loves seeing all of her friends and learning new things. It’s even better there now as her little brother is in the building with her and they love to spot each other every day and compare notes on what they had for lunch. She adores her brother, she’s the very best of big sisters, so patient with him, always making him laugh and they’d happily play together from morning ’til night.

Boo is kind, empathetic and thoughtful. She’s even-tempered and full of energy and life. She loves to read, write and draw, and then she likes to burn energy cycling, scooting, running, playing football. My daughter is rarely still. She loves music, always singing and dancing. She’s bright and mature for her age, so I love to see that she’s also funny, silly, loud and always on the go, the maturity not compromising her sense of fun. I am so proud of her.

Over the weekend we’ve celebrated with family, she’s had a Go Ape party with her friends and today she’s at school. The Husband will finish work early today so that when she comes home, we’ll celebrate with grandparents, opening presents and eating cake, before settling in for a movie night with a takeaway, all Boo’s choice.

Happy birthday, Boo. Love you so much.

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6 thoughts on “Happy 8th Birthday, Boo!”

    1. Thanks, Louise, she had a brilliant time and loved it all. Not that I’m biased or anything, but I think she’s the best 😉 x

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