Happy 9th Birthday, Little Man

We have a birthday boy in our house today. Yes, Little Man is 9 years old today, and he is not all that little!

Today is a day he has counted down to for weeks, he is so excited. It’s a special day for him, and today also sees Boo starting secondary school, so it’s all the emotions and activity here today!

Little Man loves his birthday, and this year he’s also been granted an extra treat as today is a teacher training day at his school so he gets to be at home with us all day. No rushing around opening gifts, he can take his time and enjoy his day. 

At 9, Little Man enjoys school and he’s fortunate to have some wonderful friends there. That said, he’s a child that would usually prefer to be at home, he’s definitely a little homebody. 

Our son is funny, bright, loyal, confident, loving and persistent. He can make me laugh so easily, and then also push my buttons with his persistence when he wants something! This is a boy who knows what he wants. He is very loyal and close to his friends and they all take care of one another, which is lovely to see. He adores his big sister and the two of them get along very well. 

These days, Little Man is all about football and gaming. They are his two favourite passions. 

He adores Aston Villa and he is interested in anything at all related to football. He likes to watch it, and he’ll watch absolutely any game, I find him watching some random old fixtures at times! He then likes reading about it, talking about it and of course playing it. He enjoys kicking a ball around, and creating his own teams on the PlayStation and FIFA. 

Then there is the gaming, something he’s enjoyed for years. His sister has got into it more this year, too, so they often play together. It’s very noisy when they play together, lots of giggling and yelling! 

Little Man also likes Harry Potter, reading, Ronaldo, pizza, Herbie, WWE, mac and cheese, drawing and films. 

At the age of nine years old, my son has decided that he wants to be a gamer, an engineer or he quite likes the idea of a career in finance. I think he likes the thought of being near to lots of money! 

For his birthday, he has decided that he wants a carvery for lunch, he needs time to play his games and football and he wants to see his grandparents. He has chosen a football smash cake for his birthday cake and is very excited about both smashing and eating it! 

I am super proud of our son.  Happy birthday, Little Man, love you. 

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  1. Happy birthday to your little man. I hope he had the best day. My little man is 10 in 2 weeks and sounds very similar to your son, especially with the gaming. My big girl started secondary today too so feeling those emotions with you! Fingers crossed both our girls have a wonderful day ?

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