Happy Birthday, Royal Baby! Review

We recently received a new picture book, from Bloomsbury Publishing, to review and share with you…

happy birthday, royal babyHappy Birthday, Royal Baby! by Martha Mumford

The Royal Palace is in chaos yet again – not since the Royal Baby’s birth has there been so much excitement! Why? Well it’s the Royal Baby’s first birthday, of course, and the palace is awash with activity!

There’s the cake to think about, balloons, presents – and don’t forget the bouncy castle and the Royal Baby’s favourite game of Pin the Tail on the Corgi. The Queen may even do a spot of parachuting – it is a special occasion, after all.

Busily brilliant and fabulously funny, Happy Birthday, Royal Baby! is the must-have picture book, perfect for all little ones.

My 4 year-old doesn’t really know about the Royal family. She knows what a king and queen is, but that’s a far as it goes, so she certainly doesn’t know who the royal baby is. That really doesn’t matter, though, as she still understands and enjoys the story of a little boy wanting to have some fun on his birthday, and what’s not to love about seeing a queen float down from the sky?!

It’s a lovely read, about first birthday preparations on the grandest of scales, and all a baby could possibly want, and of course, the queen knows just what that is! A sweet, playful book.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Royal Baby! Review”

  1. A friend bought us Don’t Wake the Royal Baby by the same author last year, which we all love so will definitely look out for this. Love the fact that the stories are amusing for the adult reading them as well as appealing for the little ones.

  2. This sounds like a lovely book! It’s also reminded me that George’s 1st birthday is coming up, something that is sure to be splashed all across the media! x

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