Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

Yes, today is this little blog’s birthday, four years old today.

Those four years have flown by and I can’t really imagine not blogging. My daughter was a preschooler when I started this and my son a baby. Boo’s about to go into KS2 and Little Man’s starting school soon. This blog has grown up with them.

This blog has brought me so many wonderful opportunities, introduced me to great products and places, taught me new skills, kept me busy and happy, and has even managed to give me lovely friends. Clever blog!

Blogging is a strange old world, one that completely makes sense to those of us that inhabit it, but seems alien to those that don’t. It’s hard to explain to people that this is what I do, and that this is more than a hobby, it is work. And quite a lot of work, work that doesn’t ever stop as there’s always more than can be done, more that can be shared and more ideas that could be written. I have found over the four years that being able to balance that, to turn it off when needs be, keeps me sane! The other biggest and most important learn is not to compare. Oh, comparison as a blogger can be crippling! I do what I do, I work on the projects that I get and do my best not to get caught up in what others are up to. There will always be folks with larger social media followings, page views, scores, YouTube views, getting paid more and so on, so I focus on what I have and what I do and I keep on working.

As the time approaches for me to be home alone five days a week, I can hardly believe that I am in a position to remain here, working from home. I hadn’t really got a plan when I started it, yet four years on it has provided me with ‘a job’ and a clear choice allowing me to be there for all of those school runs, assemblies, workshops, sports days and more.

So whilst I thank my blog, it’s really you guys reading it that I have to thank. Those of you who love hearing what we’ve been up to, those of you who have supported and followed my Open University journey, those of you who share a love of books and stationery with me, those of you who have watched my kids growing up here, those of you who pop by and listen to the ramblings of my mind. I cannot thank you enough, but what I can do is keep on working on this little space of mine and hope that you keep on dropping by to read.

Thank you, here’s to the next four years and whatever they may bring!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday To Me!”

  1. Happy Blog Birthday!! I remember when you first appeared, I guess I was attracted to the stationary aspect of your blog even though I’ve yet to have joined in any of your swaps or penpals, I always keep saying I will one day.
    We also have the same blog names for our children, my Little Man is about to go into yr 3 and I started blogging when he was a baby. The time just flies by.
    Here’s to the next four years x

    1. Stationery does attract! Yes, we do, great minds think alike! Time does fly by, and yes, here’s to the next four years with your blog, too x

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