#HappyWriting with Pilot

I received this little bundle in the post yesterday…

Pilot #HappyWriting

To say that it gave me a wonderful start to the day is an understatement! I do love my stationery here, so every single item made me happy! It’s part of Pilot’s #HappyWriting campaign, encouraging good old-fashioned pen to paper writing and note-making. Regular readers will know that I run my #BringBackPaper campaign here, so this is an initiative that I’m fully behind.

Now, I have these new pens, and I admit that I might have got a little over-excited about the mint green and white pens particularly – I don’t already own these pen colours, and my thoughts immediately flitted to some black paper that Boo has that I think I’ll now need to use for writing some letters with my new pens! With the others, I am literally using a different one for each entry that I’m making into my blogging diary and notebook at the moment, and so I smile with each entry. I think the G2 is my favourite, though I keep ‘testing’ them all, just to be sure. If you’re a fellow stationery geek you will relate, and if you’re not, then try picking up a few new pens and indulging in a little scribbling – perhaps a few notes, a journal, a card or letter to a friend just because. Let’s get writing again and we can all be #HappyWriting.

Disclosure: I was sent some pens and a notepad to get me #HappyWriting and share it with you. No hardship! As always, all words and opinions remain my own. 

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8 thoughts on “#HappyWriting with Pilot”

  1. I used to love going into a popular newsagent’s/stationery chain and testing the wonderful pens! I still do, but somehow I felt it was more acceptable when I was *cough* younger!…

  2. I love stationery, I remember a little stationery shop in my home town, (that sadly has just shut down) I would go in just to browse, I loved the smell of inks and papers. Now days I still love to write things down but my husband hates me for it, so I am all for bringing back paper and writing 🙂

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