Have You Discovered uSquibble?

I stumbled across uSquibble on Twitter recently, and on clicking the link to their website, I discovered a great new children’s t-shirt line with a very interesting concept behind it. As they say, it’s…


the sale of just 1 tee will
support a child for 5 days…

u Squibble aims to give kids a voice
by allowing them to express their own ideas.
We aim to create an all round creative experience for children whilst also doing
“our bit” for the environment and contributing towards a number of good causes.’

The concept had me hooked, so I poked around a little more, and when uSquibble then got in touch and asked me to review a tee for them, I was very happy to say yes.

Now, the tees themselves are made using 100% certified organic fabrics and water based inks, and all of the packaging is recycled or eco-friendly. This is my parcel contents on arrival..

usquibble package

And this is our chosen tee – Boo loves it! They come in sizes 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. As Boo is nearly 4, and quite a big 4!, we’ve got the 5-6 here, so she has growing room 😉 It’s good quality fabric and the yellow is really vibrant. It cheers me up just seeing her in something so sunshiny!

usquibble tee

There are currently 3 other designs in the range, a green ‘Go Green’, a red ‘Smile’ and a blue ‘Tweet Me’. All are priced at £16.99 and available from their shop now.

usquibble tees

A percentage of every t-shirt purchased goes towards helping a child in Africa (currently working with Msizi Africa) It provides them with food, shelter and education for 5 days. The idea originates from the kids supporting kids concept, as the tees themselves are designed by children. That’s the part of the idea that I thought was a lot of fun, as there’s a downloadable t-shirt template on the website (and one also came with our tee) for Boo to get creating her own design. The activity itself was really enjoyable for her, as she sat at the table with daddy to do it (regular readers will know that Boo is a huge fan of drawing, and it’s all thanks to daddy’s talents, absolutely not mine!). They both spent some time practising a few different designs…

usquibble drawings

before she chose the one that she liked the best to draw on to her tee template…

usquibble tee entry

Once done, we tweeted our entry to them, or you can email it over or add it to the uSquibble Facebook page. The designs will all then be put to a vote and a winner chosen. That winning design will then be played around with and made even better, and then it will be made available to buy – the process is covered here. As uSquibble have only recently launched, the voting has yet to commence, and I’m thinking they could use a few more designs from everyone to get that vote going, so why not download yours and see if your little one could become a junior fashion designer today? How cool would that be?!

Disclaimer: I was sent a tee for the purpose of this review, but all comments and opinions are honest and remain my own.

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    1. It is lovely, isn’t it? A nice activity to do with the kids, too, and you never know, they might create the winning design.

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