Having Pen Pals – It’s A Selfish Thing

I talk quite a lot here about my love of snail mail, having pen pals, spreading the happy mail joy and so on. And it absolutely is about brightening someone’s day with lovely post. But, it’s also a selfish thing. No question about it.

Having pen pals gives me an excuse to buy loads of stationery. An actual legitimate reason!
My first thought, and it’s totally selfish! Now, you can pen pal with the most basic of stationery as it’s all about the thought and your lovely messages, but I do love the additional fun of building up a rather extensive writing set collection (have you seen it?).

Having pen pals means that I get to receive pretty post, chatty letters, fun little bits and bobs.
There is something so special about seeing a a handwritten envelope peeking out amongst loads of direct mail and boring post. I try to hold off reading them until I have the chance to sit down and enjoy catching up on my pen pal’s news with a cup of tea. It’s a chance to take a break.

Having pen pals means I get to take time out, just for me, to write some letters.
It’s a quiet pastime, one that gives you a chance to reflect upon what’s been happening lately in your life as you share your news. It’s not often that I take the time to think like that so this gives me cause to, a helpful habit I think.

Having pen pals means I get to send out lovely post, a trip to the postbox.
I enjoy sending my letters off. Decorating the envelopes, stamping a small stack of post, taking a stroll to the postbox. There’s something quite satisfying about sending them out into the world, imagining the recipients’ enjoying receiving them and reading them.

Having pen pals means that I need washi tape in my life, really need it!
There is just something so tempting about washi tape. I struggle to resist buying it when I see it, though I so do not need any more. I think I have enough to last me for many, many years, but as there’s still a little room left in my washi tape drawer, I will keep buying it!

Having pen pals has given me lots of lovely friends, all over the world.
Need I say more? So many wonderful friendships, old and new, near and far. All unique and special to me.

So you see, having pen pals is a selfish thing. A wonderful, fun, stationery-filled, selfish thing. And I can’t really imagine not having this hobby in my life now.

Thank you if you’re one of my lovely pen pals, and thank you if you’ve joined in with any of my papery activities over the years – I do love spreading the pen pal love!

What does having pen pals mean to you?

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