Having The Best Cousins

Today feels like a good day to reflect on the relationships my two have with their cousins. Today is my oldest nephew’s birthday, the one who first made me an auntie.

It’s a lovely bond, I think, cousins. 

The kids are fortunate to have 3 cousins. My nephews are 27 (today!) and 20, my niece turned 2 last week and they have a baby cousin due later this year. 

My two are now 13 and 10, so they’re right in the middle age-wise between their sets of cousins. 

They loved being the little ones with their older cousins.

It’s quite an age gap, so my nephews have always played the role of the older more responsible kids, showing my two endless patience when they were younger. And acting as human climbing frames!

The kids have seen the boys most weekends for all of their lives. They have grown up certain in the love they have from these big cousins. They do take delight in winding my two up, particularly my younger nephew with Little Man, a big part of their relationship is winding one another up!

It works, despite the difference in ages. My two look up to my nephews, my nephews are great with the kids. Now that my two are that bit older, they all joke around with each other, and I can only see that getting to be more and more fun as they get older.

My nephews both have girlfriends, and my two enjoy spending time with them too. The family is growing, and it just means more cousins, more fun. 

Our niece lives a little further away from us, so whilst we don’t manage weekly visits, we do make sure we see her at least once a month and we make up for less frequent visits by going away with them. 

We go away with my brother and his family so the kids get more quality time together, and us four adults are very close too. 

We like to book a couple of nights with them somewhere in this country every few months, and last year we went to Paris with them too. 

A few weekends ago the kids stayed at my brother’s overnight, and a big part of the attraction there was spending the time with their little cousin. I’m told she loved having them there, she does tend to gravitate towards them when we’re all together, always looking for them, always calling out their names to get them to go and play with her.

The tables have turned. They now need to play the part of endlessly patient cousins, and I feel their human climbing frame days are ahead of them! 

There will soon be another addition, and the kids are looking forward to meeting their new cousin. My girl cried when she heard the news, she’s very excited to welcome a baby to our family again.

Cousins are important to my two. 

Sure, they have lots of friends, they’re lucky to have fabulous aunts and uncles, but then they have this something special with their cousins. 

They have each other’s back as siblings, but then they also have this whole other level of love, support and friendship with their cousins.

I love this for them. Having these relationships that mean something to them now, and I hope they continue to do so throughout their lives.

I’m super proud to be an auntie to wonderful people, and I like to see them grow alongside my children. 

My two are lucky to have the best cousins, and they know it.


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