Healthy Food Habits For Our Kids: Where Do We Begin?

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Parents worry about their child’s eating habits from its first days of life. It’s not a secret that breastmilk is the best food for new-borns, but what comes next? Moreover, what should non-breastfeeding parents do? Where to search for healthy and nourishing baby meals to satisfy their requirements during the first months of their life? When is it time to teach a kid to learn healthy eating habits? Let’s find it out.

Parents Should Start with the Right Baby Formula

A successful selection of baby formula guarantees healthy nutrition and a lack of digestion problems such as bloating, constipation, the frequent release of gasses, and diarrhoea. How to do that? 

  1. First, consult a health specialist to learn what your baby needs to prevent allergies and health complications.
  2. Read a list of ingredients to ensure that formula has no chemicals like stabilizers, flavours, artificial sweeteners, and hormones.
  3. The product must be 100% natural and without GMOs.
  4. It must be vegan, like organic baby oatmeal, or non-vegan, depending on your infant’s needs.
  5. The source of protein must be casein and whey.
  6. The primary source of carbs should be lactose.
  7. The main source of fats can be cow’s milk, goat’s milk, coconut milk, and vegetable and plant oils.
  8. Each serving must have enough macronutrients and micronutrients.

Some parents decide to prepare baby formula alone, but it’s not always safe because parents should know what to add and how to promise sterile cooking conditions.

Go on Using Healthy Food 

It is essential to find a store that sells natural products for kids. A baby needs baby formula during the first months of life, and then, a kid shows interest in adult food. Parents should adapt their babies to new meals with the help of something healthy like organic baby oatmeal or whole grain cereals such as oat, millet, muesli, and spelt porridge.

Except for cereal, parents can also find healthy and nutritious sweets for babies. It can be energy bars, organic cookies, pouches, and rusks. Organic’s Best is a reputable online store for caring parents who want their kids to consume nutritious food and develop healthy eating habits. Thanks to that, a baby will not long for sugar and salt in toddler meals. 

Water is the Best Drink for Everyone

Many parents regard packaged juices as healthy drinks, but, as a rule, it is pure sugar water, just like cola. Doctors state that fresh-made juices are heavy for human stomachs, so they must be mixed with water (1-2 portions of water and 1 portion of juice) to make the drink less irritating and acidic. 

Most paediatricians recommend avoiding all drinks except for water until a kid is at least twelve months old. One can buy bottled water with a ‘for kids’ label or filter tap water. Kids can drink adapted water without boiling it as the main drink when they want. If children don’t want it, parents should offer water from time to time to help a kid develop the required water-drinking habit. 

For example, adults need from two to three litres of pure water daily. It is hard to start drinking so much water spontaneously. If people get used to drinking water from childhood, they will not force themselves to make every sip, and water will become their favourite drink and thirst killer.

Kids are Little Copies of Their Caregivers

If you want to have a baby with healthy eating habits, you should show an example. If parents have hamburgers and cola for dinner, their children will rebel to eat organic cereal or cookies. The best option is to involve children in the cooking process and shopping. Toddlers are old enough to choose ingredients for snacks and main daily meals. Together, you can avoid conflicts concerning “what to cook for breakfast.”

Besides, you can experiment and create healthy food that resembles fast food. For example, you can slice and cover a potato with your favourite spices to prepare chips. Sweet fruit, honey, maple syrup, and carob are natural and healthy sweeteners, so parents and kids can use them for cooking nourishing sweets. 

Consequently, one should develop healthy eating habits from a baby’s first days and follow them with the whole family to guarantee the best outcome. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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