Hi and welcome to my blog.

I’m a mum of two – a daughter born Oct 2009 and a baby boy, born Sep 2012. They’ll be known as Boo and Little Man here. We also live with the husband and a very lazy dog, and together, we’re the Readings.

When Boo was 10 months old, it was time for me to go back to work. It wasn’t what I wanted, so with the full support of the husband, I resigned from my career in financial services management, and life was forever changed!

I started my own business, which I blog about at ihavecards.wordpress.com, and began my new life of fun and adventures with Boo, which was made even better when Little Man arrived and completed our family. With me being at home, it almost feels like I’ve become a different person, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, I’ve discovered different sides to me that I hadn’t the time nor inclination to explore back when it was all about the corporate life. We’ve also had to make plenty of lifestyle changes, and with that, a minor addiction to bargain hunting and thriftiness has begun! The husband and I sometimes play the ‘remember when’ game, but though we joke, all the sports cars, LA holidays and designer clothes in the world don’t even come close to what we have now with our family, and we have the most precious thing of all – quality time with each other. We’re making memories and I’m making sure that I don’t miss a single moment, and that’s something no amount of money can ever buy me.

I decided to start blogging to share how we’ve adapted to our new life and share my ramblings and passions. And for some reason, since having Little Man, I’ve started to become all together more creative and I’m trying new things. I’ve recently taken up knitting, baking and I’m cooking a lot more now, too, and anyone that knows me would definitely not call me domesticated – I had to call my brother once so he could talk me through what to do with the corn on the cob I’d received in my veg box (sad, but true). I’ve a long list of other things we’d like to do soon, too, so I will be reporting back, and am open to suggestions…!

This blog will bring you family fun, reviews of anything we’ve tried and want to share with you, our thrifty ways, our new projects (including Project Garden), stationery I love, and, of course, what the Readings are reading!

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