Herbie and Higgins

Herbie has a new favourite in his life. Herbie has a playmate. Herbie has a ‘cousin’. Yes, Herbie now has Higgins and he absolutely adores her.

Higgins is a miniature schnauzer puppy. She is owned by family, she’s my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephews’ dog. She’s just a few weeks younger than Herbie, though she’s already taller than him and nearly as heavy. We think she’ll probably end up being a kilo or two heavier than Herbie, so there won’t be a huge difference in their sizes when they are fully grown. She will be taller, he will be longer!

It’s lovely seeing the differences in their personalities emerge, and how differently they respond and react to things. I love watching Higgins move as she almost springs like a little lamb, and her legs just seem so long to me, as I am used to Herb’s tiny legs.

We have built up the time that the puppies spend with one another, and they are definitely used to one another now. They recognise their playmate and to say that they get excited to see one another is a huge understatement. They play, they wrestle, they bite, they pin, they chase and then they pause. But only for a moment, then they are back at it again! Higgins tends to tire out before Herbie, as Herbie seems to be incapable of just chilling out for two minutes. But then when he starts to back off, Higgins flies at him and they’re off again!

They also go out on walks together, obviously quite short ones whilst they are still young, but we can build those up over time. When Herbie walks he always has his nose to the ground, sniffing away as a hound, whereas Higgins looks around a lot more, no doubt spotting potential prey as a terrier. They walk well alongside each other, occasionally stopping for a little play or kiss, and then carrying on.

When it’s time for them to leave one another, we hold them safely in our arms and they give each other little snuffles and kisses. Yes, it is utterly adorable.

I think it’s lovely that they have a playmate, someone that they will grow up with and see once or twice a week. It’s fun for them, it’s good for them to learn how to play safely with another dog and it’s good for us as just half an hour together completely exhausts them!

Herbie and Higgins, the best of friends.

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    1. They are, and they are so sweet together! Chaotic, but sweet! Maybe one day then, hope you can make it work for you x

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