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Historic Newspapers Review & Competition

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Today I want to share with you a product from Historic Newspapers. Historic Newspapers got in touch with me inviting me to review one of their personalised books and after browsing their range, I decided to get a personalised football book for Little Man. He loves his football and his team is Aston Villa, so we have received an Aston Villa personalised book, let me share a little more about them with you and also offer you the chance to win a football book of your own – any club!

Historic Newspapers Aston Villa pages

Historic Newspapers

Historic Newspapers have been the UK’s go-to archive for over 30 years and are the owners of the largest private collection of original British newspapers in the world.

They offer a range of gifts, from original newspapers through to personalised birthday books, history books and sports books.

You might opt for The Beatles History Newspaper book, 1960s Cookbooks from newspapers or perhaps a Rugby World Cup Book. There are so many options available, you are bound to find something perfect for you or your gift recipient.

Historic Newspapers football book

Personalised Football Books

Historic Newspapers offer a good range of personalised football books, and as our son adores his football, this seemed like a great choice for us to receive and review.

Each book is specially bound by hand and contains rare newspaper coverage of your chosen team. The recipient’s name is also gold embossed on the cover, meaning these football history books make unique gifts that can be looked back upon time and time again.

There are currently 61 clubs that you can choose from, from Aberdeen through to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Historic Newspapers personalised book

Aston Villa Personalised Football Book

We opted for the Aston Villa book, as that’s our club. Our son is a big fan, so we thought this would make a great gift for him.

On opening the package from Historic Newspapers, it instantly felt special. It is carefully packed in sturdy cardboard and on opening it, the book itself is housed in a smart presentation box. 

Historic Newspapers Newspaper Headlines

This is an A3 hardback book and as you can see, looks smart and well-presented.

The book comes with the option to add a name and there is room for a message. At the bottom of that front cover there it has our son’s name printed on it and just inside the book is a presented to message, with our personal dedication to him. 

The pages are thick and good quality, black and white for the majority of the book until the newspapers all became colour, so they move to colour pages towards the end of the book. 

Aston Villa is an old football club, and this books begins all the way back in 1905, which is absolutely fascinating. The history geek in me loves seeing all of the other articles and ads dotted around the stories. It’s also interesting to see how the language and news reporting has changed over the years. 

It includes Aston Villa history over the years, the big games and the highlights and I was pleased to spot that they have my son’s favourite game in there, as it was quite a success for Villa!

Historic Newspapers personalised football book

These books are fabulous and unique gifts. These football club books are brilliant for any football fan, and if football is not their thing, just take a look at the great range of other books available or opt for the birthday book. They are a fascinating glimpse into history and are sure to make a truly memorable gift.  

Competition Time 

Now is your chance to win a personalised football book for yourself or a loved one. You can choose any football book from the full range. To be in with a chance, enter using the rafflecopter below before the closing date 12am 8th July 2021. The competition is open to over 18 year olds, worldwide. Good luck! 

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What do you like about these personalised football books? 

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post 

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79 thoughts on “Historic Newspapers Review & Competition”

  1. These would be great to remember the awesome tournament this year, where we’ve seen crowds enjoying themselves for the first time, really, in so long we’ve forgotten what it sounded like!!!

  2. What do you like about these personalised football books?

    they bring football to life for my grandson

  3. This would make a lovely gift for my brother in law! He’s football mad. Although they don’t have one for Aldershot!

  4. Kathleen marsden

    In years to come when dear ones have gone the future generation can look back and remember the loved one in the book and get a sense of who they were.

  5. Would make a great gift for my dad who is a huge Man Utd supporter, never know what to get him so this would be something unique and interesting for him!

  6. Miss Tracy Hanson

    I would love one. My favourite player has been at the same club all his life (well went out on loan and might be leaving this summer) but would be interesting to read what they said about him before he got so famous. Also be interesting to read some of the headlines they used over the years. Love the “puns” on the players’ names. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Christine Caple

    They are perfect for fans, lots of information and memories, my son would love one of these.

  8. I love that you can personalise them and they aren’t something you would just pick up at the supermarket so feel more special.

  9. Would make a great gift. It would be very interesting to chronicle the history of my own team, I this personalised book illustration. A thoughtful prize outside the box for sure.

  10. Victoria Bazley

    Great to see how far the club have come and how they have been reporting on during the years and maybe how that reporting has changed.

  11. My family are huge Manchester United fans and I think these football books are beautiful. It would be lovely to learn more about our team.

  12. Michelle Turner

    such a lovely idea and it looks so classy as well. This would be a lovely gift for my brother – or me!

  13. I love these personalised football books as it reminds you of the time when football wasn’t just a huge giant business and football was for the people and most importantly the fans/

  14. They are lovely memory keepsakes and are great reminders of key events. My husband loves a Beatles one I previously bought for him; I would love to surprise him with a football version! X

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