Hobbies That Are Good For The Soul

I saw a little thing on Instagram the other day, talking about how little hobbies boosted your mood, encouraging people to indulge in them, and I am absolutely behind this. 

It really doesn’t matter how odd it may appear to someone else, if it lifts your mood and makes you happy, then go for it.

Hobbies have been shown to be good for our wellbeing and mental health, and some hobbies might give our physical health a boost too. 

It’s those things you do that you don’t have to do. These aren’t work, chores, parenting, though there might be some crossover, these are things that you choose to do because they make you happy.

I make that distinction because for some, things that are hobbies might also be necessities. For example, cooking is a hobby for some, for me, it’s just a means to get my family fed. You’ll see it as a hobby if it lifts your mood and feels like it’s something for you. 

A few ideas if you’re looking for things to try:

Reading. Obviously. I had to put this one first. Not an unusual hobby by any stretch, but it needs to be on this list as it’s so accessible and relaxing. The best hobby.

Walking. Similarly to reading, it’s worth mentioning as it’s very easy to get started with and the boost that this gives to your physical and mental health can not be underestimated.

House Plants. Tending to your plants is very relaxing, and house plants in your home is great for your environment. 

Sports. Following a team or playing for a team, fosters a sense of community and belonging. Team and individual sports are great for your health and are stress relievers. 

Calligraphy. This one can be so beautiful and it’s fun to try and master something arty.

Baking. You get cakes this way. I need say no more. 

Journaling. An easy one to pick up and begin, just get those thoughts out onto paper. This one’s great for your mental health.

Gardening. Fresh air, physical exertion, surrounded by nature, a sense of accomplishment, this one’s a good all round hobby. 

Languages. It’s easy to start learning a new language these days with online resources and apps. Learning a language is very good for your brain, problem solving and memory. 

Pen Pals. Connecting with others, getting creative, learning about other cultures, one that I had to mention of course. 

Model building. Whether it’s LEGO, model planes or building book nooks, this one gets your brain working and the completed project is satisfying to see. 

Colouring. Relaxing, creative, mindful and easy to do anywhere anytime. 

I’d imagine there’s something there for most of us, something new to try?

Is there something on this list that’s reminded you that you want to try it, you used to love it, you want to do more of it? Then do it. 

And whilst these are all more standard hobby type ideas, let’s not forget those other things that might not be ‘hobbies’ as such, but they bring you a spark of happiness. 

Perhaps it’s a long soak in the bath, perhaps it’s binge watching the latest Netflix show or perhaps it’s clothes shopping. 

We lead busy lives, and there’s not always much time left over after work, parenting, looking after our homes and more, but when you can grab a few moments, use them on the good stuff. 

Whatever it is that makes you smile, that helps you to relax, that brings a sense of accomplishment, that offers a connection, do more of that. 

What are your favourite hobbies?

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4 thoughts on “Hobbies That Are Good For The Soul”

  1. Sometimes cooking is a hobby for me and other times it’s a chore. Blogging and playing computer games are my main hobbies. I do have some Lego sets that I need to get around to doing. x

  2. Indoor gardening, outdoor gardening any kind of gardening! I’m not an expert but I love being outside pottering about, buying plants, growing stuff myself. And reading. I’ve just got back into that after a long time away.

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