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Home Upgrades For The Elderly

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As we approach our later years, the world around us seems to move faster and become more expensive. 

Not all of us feel that we can totally keep up with the expense or pace of everyday life, which can lead to feeling that help is needed.

There is help from the government in the form of benefits and discounts for some home improvements, but you do have to fit in with certain criteria in order to benefit from these. See this page for more information on the support available.

Home improvements 

When we get older, there are things that we may not be able to do, and a bit of simple planning beforehand can save a lot of upheaval when you really are not ready for it or in the mood.

Improvement options include a walk-in shower or a wet room. There are not many of us in our old age who can easily step in or out of a bath, let alone get up in one. Having a walk-in shower or wet room will help you keep your independence longer and help you stay in your own home until it is absolutely necessary to move into a care home.

Sort out your spare keys

Make sure that family members and/or trusty close friends have a spare key into your property so that if need be, there is someone who can come and help you should you not be able to answer the door or if you have an impromptu hospital stay. This also helps with the security of your home, as shown in this piece on the AgedUK website.

elderly holding hands

Check your front and back doorsteps

Be aware of the height of your front and back doorsteps. You may find it easier if you had an extra step put in if the height is a bit high or a grab rail fitted so that there is something to steady yourself on. You may feel that this is the time to have a slope put in as these are easier for all to navigate as well as being wheelchair or scooter friendly. 

Get yourself a mobile phone

Most of us nowadays have a mobile phone, but there are still those who do not. By having a mobile phone and carrying it with you, you are keeping yourself safe and prepared. This is especially true if it has pre-programmed telephone numbers in as this can be a godsend should you need to get hold of someone quickly. When in shock, the mind can go completely blank. If you have a phone which you only have to look for a name rather than remember a telephone number, it can certainly ease the panic.

Final thoughts 

It is best to be prepared for the future. Take a look into what you may be entitled to from government grants or benefits. Check over your home and see if you can fit in a wet room or have a walk-in shower rather than a shower over a bath.

Check that your outdoor steps are of a comfortable height and if not, perhaps it is time to have either an extra step fitted or maybe a slope. Make sure you have a mobile phone and that it has all the contact numbers on it you may need in an emergency.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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