Hopes, Dreams and Inspiration for 2019

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If I am honest, I am not entirely sure how we are already in December, talking about next year. My mind is still stuck in the summer somewhere, and it seems to have just skipped from there to Christmas. I must be getting old, wittering on about how quickly time goes! Although I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions, I do tend to see the end of the year as a time to look back over the year and then ponder what the next year might bring. It’s more of a hopeful wish-list than resolutions, and from there I can make plans. I do like to plan and have things to look forward to on the horizon.  I am currently booking in a few activities for January and Pinning home inspiration for decorating plans, it gives me something to look forward to in bleak January (I am really not a fan of January!). Do you do this, too?

Today I thought I’d take a little look back over 2018 and share with you some of my hopes and dreams for 2019, and maybe offer up a little inspiration along the way.

2018 has been quite a year

In this last year I have been fortunate enough to tick a few dreams of my own off. And bearing in mind that I am quite old now (41, people, 41!), it reaffirms my belief that anyone can do anything at any time. Some are little things, some are bigger. All are equally valuable, I think, as the little things are often the things that weave themselves into the fabric of every day life.

I finally got round to taking up yoga. I have only been meaning to do this for around a decade! I shared how to get going in three simple steps in Start Yoga This Week if this is something you have on your list to try.

We took the kids to Disney World. And it was amazing! I shared so many posts around this one, from the planning and the countdown through to where we stayed and our Disney World highlights. I loved every moment of this, and we are now saving up to be able to go again. The dream of it keeps us all going!

I tried my hand at something artistic and creative, and it turns out that I actually enjoy it. Who’d have guessed?! I shared all about it in my post, An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy.

My Bring Back Paper series and club has gone from strength to strength. Amongst other things, thanks to this little corner of the internet, there are now many more people sending and receiving snail mail, which makes me so very happy. I love getting messages from people telling me about the friendships that they have formed and the new hobby that they now have thanks to this.

I did it, I graduated! I now have a degree thanks to the Open University and years and years of hard work.

I started to work here full time. I have always worked around having children at home or studying before, so this is a first. I have also got regular freelancing work, which I love.

I finally created my very first printable here. This is something that I have been meaning to do for ages! And you liked it, thank you so much. I will endeavour to make more and keep my printer nice and busy next year with all of my creations. I have a new one with HP Instant Ink, so I will never run out of ink – something that’s happened a few too many times before. I’ll be using my own printables and stationery all the time soon! The printer is so convenient as you don’t have to remember to buy ink, one less thing on that long to-do list, and there are great printing plans for all budgets. If you’re always running out of ink, too, HP do have a cash back offer on now. When you buy an eligible Envy Photo printer and sign up to HP Instant Ink within 30 days of your purchase you’ll receive £30 cashback. You can find more information here.

I got my rose garden, at last! I love my roses, absolutely love them. Along with the many dotted around my garden, I also made a little rose garden and I shared all in my post Creating a Rose Garden.

And I read. A lot. As always. Reading is my relaxation, and it in turn inspires me and makes me happy. If you’d like 2019 to be the year when you read more books, then here’s How to Get Into the Habit of Reading.

Were any of these things on your 2018 list? Or will you be adding them to your 2019 list?

What will 2019 bring?

I think it’s going to be tricky to top 2018. I can’t get a degree or go to Disney World every year!

I hope to continue to be able to work here full time. I have been working hard on the blog since its redesign a couple of months ago and it has really reinvigorated me. It’s not only a job that works well for our family life, it’s also something that I truly enjoy doing.

For Christmas, we are giving the children a Family Adventures Jar and I am looking forward to going on these adventures throughout next year, making the most of our weekends together.

I would like to take up another form of exercise or sport. I used to play badminton many, many, many years ago so perhaps 2019 will be the year that I return to it.

A recent trip to IKEA and a few too many hours on Pinterest have me yearning to redecorate most of our house. I would like to at least get a few rooms ticked off the list next year, as I think that it will really freshen things up and make me fall in love with our home all over again.

We’ve yet to make any plans for a holiday. I think if we take one it will be here in the UK or possibly Europe. I am still waiting for inspiration to strike on that front!

And finally, the kids want a puppy. Will next year be the year? Watch this space!

Do tell me, what are your hopes and dreams for next year?

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  1. I love planning too and it was fun to read your reflections on 2018 and hopes for 2019! Consider a holiday in Ireland – not too far away and very beautiful (I’m biased) or Northern Ireland, where you don’t even have to change currency!

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