How Does Your Garden Grow? 31st October

I thought it was about time that I brought you an update on the garden…

The season is certainly ringing the changes out there in the garden. The wet weather has also put pay to a fair few gardening plans. Truth be told, it’s all looking a little bedraggled, sodden and sorry for itself, with leaves scattered all over the lawn. I must get back out there, even if just for an hour or two to tidy it up, and then I need another good session to further progress Project Garden. That rockery is emptying now, but there’s still so much more to do (isn’t there always?!).

I’m keen to get creating a little fairy garden with Boo before the weather really takes a turn. I’ll probably just work on the structure of it now, as I’m not certain that anything I plant in there will make it through the winter. It’ll be good to have the home created for them ready to plant up in the spring. I’ve been looking at lots of ideas over on Pinterest, so I think I’ll show them all to Boo and then get her help with the design for ours, and get cracking on it. I’ve a feeling she’ll like that, so I will report back on that soon..

The garden does still have some splashes of colour…

garden 28th Oct 001

garden 28th Oct 004

garden 28th Oct 003

garden 28th Oct 002
garden 28th Oct 008

I do love this tree, as it provides some lovely natural shade in the summer, which the dog is very keen on, and I like to see the colour changes through the autumn. However, I’m not keen on collecting all of the leaves..!
garden 28th Oct 007

I was at a garden centre a few days ago, and I was admiring this autumn display, as it looks so colourful..

autumn display

It’s helped me figure out what I need to add in ready to give the garden more colour this time next year.

What about you? Do you have much colour left out there?

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22 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow? 31st October”

  1. What pretty colours and those Fairy Garden ideas are just genius! I’d love to try and make a succulent one with Kitty *puts thinking wheels in motion*

    My own garden has no colour left at all now sadly but I’ve been buying flowers for inside the house to cheer me up! I really need to think out the garden to be planted so there’s something all year round.

    Thanks for joining in! Happy Halloween oooOOOOoo!

    1. Yes, I was thinking succulents would work well! We’ll have to compare notes 🙂
      I do need to think about year round colour, so will spend time figuring it out!

  2. Ours is looking a bit sorry for itself and needs a good clear up – I should get out in it today really as *pulls back curtains* it looks kind of dry out there! Your acer looks lovely – we did have one in a pot but managed to kill it, I’m not too good at gardening!

    1. That acer does quite well, actually. It was here when we moved in a few years back, so I think the previous owners should take the credit for it!

  3. I’m envious you still have colourful heads on your roses! A new bud has appeared on mine this week but I don’t much will happen now the colder weather has arrived. Looking forward to seeing your mini garden 🙂

  4. What a fabulous post, so lovely to see what’s been happening. You still have quite a bit of colour too which is lovely. That fairy garden is wonderful too. Our garden got a bit battered in the storm at the weekend but we’ve still got a little colour, not much though!

    1. Yes, there’s a few bits of colour dotted about, which is nice to see. We were fortunate and just had a wet and windy night, but nothing damaging.

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