How Much Does a Glass Garage Door Cost?

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Considering the regular garage doors,  you don’t have any room for customization other than changing the paint colour. How can you make your garage stand out, then?

Well, glass garage doors are gaining popularity in this context. They are an effective way of giving your house structure a contemporary boost. Full-view glass garage doors not only elevate the curb appeal of the house but also allow the natural flow of light. They have a sleek and elegant appearance that compliments modern architectural designs. However, the cost of the glass doors may be a matter of concern for some homeowners. Therefore, we have discussed the glass garage door cost in this blog. Read on to know about the glass garage door cost to make the purchase decision. 

Why Is A Glass Garage Door A Good Investment? 

Glass garage doors are the statement element of modern architecture. They are widely integrated into contemporary houses. But the question arises, is that all? Are glass garage doors only good in appearance? Or are there some other benefits that justify their widespread use? Let’s see what glass garage doors have to offer. And then, decide for yourself if they are worth it or not.

  • Illuminated, All The Way!

The glass garage doors allow for an uninterrupted flow of light. You wouldn’t have to rely on artificial sources of light to illuminate your garage. This is especially beneficial if  you use your garage for working out or completing art projects. You can say goodbye to the dingy garage by installing glass doors. 

  • Better Home Value

A trendy garage door attracts more prospective buyers. So glass doors are one of the best investments to raise a home’s resale value. 

  • Room for Customization 

A glass door can be of any colour, design, or finish. You can easily alter the door to match your house architecture by getting frosted, patterned, tinted, or textured glass doors.

  • Durable

Contrary to popular assumptions about the fragility of glass, garage glass doors are solid, long-lasting, and hard to break.

  • Low Maintenance 

Glass garage doors don’t require any hard-core maintenance. You can easily clean them with a simple piece of cloth and some soap water. Moreover, glass doors steer clear of any damages like rust, mould, or corrosion. So you don’t have to worry about their regular upkeep and replacements. 

How Much Does A Glass Garage Door Cost?

Without counting the cost of installation, a standard residential glass garage door cost ranges from $1000 to $5000 on average. Commercial and custom garage doors may cost even more than $10,000. 

The cost of glass garage doors typically depends on a number of factors. The size of the door, type of door, coating material, and design customizations, everything has an impact on the overall cost. So here is a breakdown of different factors that influence the total cost.

  • Glass Thickness 

The recommended tempered glass thickness for garage doors is 1/4 inch. While insulated glass thickness can be from 7/16 inches to 1 inch. The thickness of the glass can be increased based on its utility. The cost increases with the increase in thickness. 

  • Door Type 

Glass garage doors come in different styles. The difference lies in the appearance as well as the operating mechanism. 

  • Rollup doors cost around $4,500. 
  • Swing-up garage doors are relatively less expensive and come in $2500 to $4000. 
  • Commercial glass garage doors are typically made-to-order doors. They are also bigger than the typical residential garage doors. So the price may go up to $10000 or more. 
  • Framing Material 

Glass garage doors usually have a frame made of lightweight aluminium. The frame is available with variations according to the requirements. However, getting a customized frame would add to the overall cost. 

What Is The Glass Garage Door Installation Cost?

You need to account for the installation expenses in addition to the cost of the glass garage door. For a typical glass garage door installation project, the cost ranges from $250 to $700. However, expect to pay more for customized garage door installation. The labour cost also depends on the area of residence. You may have to pay some extra money in terms of labour costs if you live in a posh area or want glass garage door installation in a commercial structure. As the glass doors are heavier than the regular garage doors, you might need to replace an old garage door opener with a new one. The cost of installing a new garage door opener is estimated to fall in the range of $150 to 500. 

Wrapping Things Up

Glass garage doors are also referred to as full-view, contemporary, or clear garage doors. Owing to their ethereal transparency, glass garage doors work wonders in elevating the aesthetics of the architectural structure. From residential to commercial, glass garage doors offer their functional excellence to every building structure. This guide shed light on the glass garage door cost to help you during the buying process. The cost may seem a bit overwhelming to some, but the durability, damage resistance, and aesthetic superiority of glass garage doors well-justifies the cost value. So go ahead, get glass garage doors and make your house stand out!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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