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How Students Can Keep Themselves Entertained During Lockdown

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It is safe to say that we have experienced some of the most challenging times of our lives in the last few months. With the current government guidance encouraging everyone to stay at home again, students across the country have probably found themselves at wit’s end.

Unable to return to their university accommodation, searching for ways to keep themselves entertained is perhaps the top of their lists. If you are finding that you are someone who falls into this category, look no further!

student and laptop

Detailed below is a helpful list of ways for you and fellow students to keep yourselves entertained in this most current lockdown.

  • Puzzles and Jigsaws: Not really something that many people enjoy, but certainly something that has increased in popularity since the very first lockdown. Purchasing a jigsaw to complete either by yourself or with a family member or friend is an excellent way of keeping yourself entertained and a great way of eating up some of the spare time you have between online lectures. 
  • Planning for The Upcoming Academic Year: While this may seem like a far-off prospect for some, especially with the uncertainty regarding the coming months, it is still something that existing and prospective university students need to consider. Who will you be living with in the next academic year? Where will you be living? For the most part, students will already know who they would like to live with, but concerning location? That’s a whole other story. Companies like Omnia Space provide students with guidance and support when making these decisions and have a plethora of properties to look at. Whether based in Swansea or Sheffield, there is something here for you. To find out about the stuff they have available, including the Oldway Centre, head to their website for more. 
  • Get Creative: Another activity that can use up some of the spare time you might have, allowing yourself to be creative, can contribute towards your overall wellness, giving you an outlet for any pent-up emotions that you might be experiencing. Like doing a puzzle or jigsaw, this can be done as an individual or with someone else; whether you organise a doodling session with your family or jump on Zoom with your friends for a watercolour masterclass, the choice is entirely yours. 

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  • Cooking and Baking: Another staple from the first lockdown, but also a favourite pastime of many! Spending your spare time sharpening up your cooking and baking skills will provide you and your family or friends – whoever you live with – with a variety of delicious baked goods and hearty meals. What’s more, you will be a culinary delight when you can head back to your place of study! 

These are but a few things that students can do to keep themselves entertained during this most current lockdown. Whether you choose to have a movie marathon, catch up on your favourite series, or read those novels you have had lying around for a while, you will get through this lockdown and have your freedom again in no time.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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