How to Achieve a Stress-Free Travel Experience With Kids?

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Vacationing with children brings its fair share of challenges. Avoiding public meltdowns and keeping the family entertained can be quite a task. However, having a plan to control the chaos ensures stress-free travel. Transforming this overwhelming challenge into a breeze is possible with advanced planning and creativity. Here, we present seven ways for you to achieve just that.

8 Tips for Planning a Family Vacation

#1 Consider the Interests of All Travel Participants

By involving your kids and planning together, they won’t feel like mere passengers, but part of the journey itself. When planning with your kids, start by asking open-ended questions like, “What kind of places would you like to visit?” or “What activities are you excited about?” Take their input seriously and incorporate their preferences into the itinerary.

You can also use vacation planning as an educational tool, teaching them how to research a topic and evaluate the credibility of sources. By sitting down with them and asking them to find three things they’d like to do in Sao Paulo or five places they’d like to visit in Thailand, they’ll learn valuable skills in gathering and organizing information.

#2 Prepare Entertainment

You should know that stress-free travel is only possible if your children have something to do. What you need to think about is, can I watch YouTube TV away from home? Yes, but not really. You will be able to watch YouTube TV while traveling with limited content. The problem is that your child’s favourite movies may not be available. To watch YouTube TV globally, you need a VPN. You can watch YouTube TV globally via VeePN, which has 2500+ servers in 60 countries. This is enough to bypass any regional restrictions.

#3 Include Free Time in your Plan

Our top family travel advice is to avoid rushing. Some of our most stressful experiences have been when we were in a hurry – whether it’s catching flights, getting to attractions, or making dinner reservations. It’s as if kids can sense when we’re in a time crunch and intentionally slow down to test our patience. It’s frustrating, to say the least!

#4 Do the Work with Children

Before embarking on your journey, prepare the kids for the adventures ahead. If you’re going on a road trip, let them know the estimated duration of the car ride and how often you’ll take breaks. If you’re flying, explain the airport experience and emphasize the importance of following rules in a bustling environment. Familiarize them with the exciting things they’ll encounter during the vacation. By informing them in advance about when it’s time for fun and when rules apply, you increase the likelihood of them maintaining exemplary behaviour. While not fool proof, this approach should help alleviate some stress.

#5 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

You may encounter unforeseen obstacles while traveling, but expressing frustration and exaggerating the situation only amplifies disappointment. Becoming the kind of person who can make the best out of any situation is important when dealing with unexpected challenges while traveling. Find ways to turn these challenges into positive experiences.

Also, prepare in advance to reduce stress. It’s better to book a hotel while still at home, charge your devices, take a spare tire with you, and add a VPN free extension to your device to protect your data. You can’t know which vacationing tips you’ll thank yourself for.

#6 Have a Budget

Make sure you know your spending limit before you book tickets or a hotel stay. Having a budget will guide your decisions, control costs, and avoid unpleasant surprises. Communicate these limits to your family members to manage expectations. Knowing your available funds for vacation helps narrow down destinations and activities based on your budget.

#7 Don’t Forget the Snacks

You don’t want a bored and hungry child, right? That’s why it’s important to pack a variety of portable snacks. We usually include nutritious options like trail mix or my favourite, yogurt-coated banana chips. To regulate portion sizes, we transport them in small, resealable containers or packets. And just between us, Kirsty also carries a secret stash of Skittles or M&Ms for emergencies!

#8 Purchase the Travel Gear

When you travel with children, buying the right travel gear can simplify transportation for both you and your kids. Consider investing in lightweight luggage that is easy to handle and move around, as well as car seats or baby carriers for younger children. This helps them feel less overwhelmed by unfamiliar surroundings during transit.

In busy areas or on a plane, your child may be exposed to disruptive noises that can cause discomfort if you’re not prepared. Consider purchasing earplugs to help block out these sounds and prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed. To ensure effectiveness, it’s important to know where to buy earplugs, as different varieties serve different purposes. Purchasing from a trusted store like HearCanada guarantees the durability and quality of your purchase.


You may encounter difficulties or good fortune along the way, but you should still remain a little pessimistic and suspicious. If you prepare better than the road required, you will not be left behind. If you find yourself unprepared for traveling with children, stress is guaranteed. These tips will help guide your focus in the right direction.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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