How To Create Stylish Clothes On A Budget

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Getting the right clothes to look stylish can help people look great, feel confident, and get their heads turning. However, finding the right clothes isn’t always easy since there are all kinds of factors such as cut, colour, design, material, and sizing. Expenses can also be a problem for some people since clothes can get pricey, especially if you like to shop in high-end and designer stores.

Thankfully, there are new ways to look stylish and come up with outfits without breaking the bank. You could DIY clothes and designs or come up with all kinds of ideas to mix and match certain pieces and accessories. If this is something you want to do, check out the following ways you can make chic clothes on a budget.  

  • Get A Customized Design  

One of the best ways people can transform their plain clothes is to customize them with a print. For example, it’s possible to design your own crop hoodie, shirt, sweaters, jackets, and even hats. If you want to add text, a picture, a drawing, or patterns, it’s possible to get it done, especially with advanced printing materials today.

  • Add Colour, Texture, And Character With Patches  

Another simple way to create a stylish piece of clothing is to get patches. There are all kinds that you can try out: such as those that can be ironed and sewn on. Certain shops sell these for an affordable price.   

The great thing about this is that the designs can transform any outfit instantly. For example, a skull patch can make a shirt look edgy and alternative. There are also floral and heart shapes that could give a bright and cheery style. If you have a specific idea about the design of the patch, there are patch artists on the internet that can make them for you, too.  

  • Crop And Tank It  

Cropped or tank tops are back in fashion, and it’s also easy to get this look. Besides, when spring or summer rolls in, you’ll be glad to have a tank top in your wardrobe. All you need to do is get a pair of scissors and a top, jacket, cardigan, sweater, or hoodie you’re willing to crop.   

However, it’s best to take precautions first to make sure it comes out perfect. Start with marking where you want it to be cropped by putting the top on and do it with a pen or chalk. After that, lay it down and mark it straight across to make sure you cut along a straight line.  

You could also cut below the line just in case. This way, you can see if it’s too short or too long. It’s because it can be tricky to fix if you cut too much compared to cutting excess later on. Leaving an inch or two is also necessary if you want to seam the bottom of the top later.  

  • Create A Masterpiece With Textile Paint  

If you’re creative or want to try painting clothing pieces, you could use textile paint to design your clothing. It’s a feasible option because it’s not only fun to do, it also allows you to use your imagination. Besides, it’s also a unique piece you can be proud of.   

A great way to start is to paint the back pockets of denim shorts or denim pants. You could also try painting a denim jacket. It’s because the material has more integrity than other types of cloth. Because of this, it’s easier to work on handling the layers of paint you put on it.   

  • Snip Some Cut-Outs And Patterns  

Painting, printing, or adding patches aren’t the only ways you could add design or a point of interest to your clothes. You can get new designs for the season without shopping in the mall or online. As long as you have fabric scissors, you could change the cut and even add cut-outs that could serve as an eye-catching design.   

One of the cut-out designs you can try is the V-neck choker tee style. Start with a crew neck shirt you wouldn’t mind cutting up, and fold its front lengthwise, straight down from the middle. Make sure that the back isn’t folded too so that you don’t end up cutting the back.   

Cut an upside-down triangle, where you cut along the neckline for the base of the triangle. Then from the endpoint where you cut the neckline, cut diagonally down to the middle point below. This way, you end up with an upside-down triangle cut-out, so you can show off some skin but also look edgy at the same time.   


Clothes can affect a person’s mood. It can make them feel positively confident since they can transform their looks dramatically. Every day, you can dress a way to match how you feel, so it’s also a form of self-expression. With this in mind, it’s possible to DIY clothes that you already own to make them look more stylish and custom-made for you.   

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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