How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden Throughout the Year

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Is it time to give your garden some much-needed TLC? No matter the season, a well-designed garden can be the perfect haven away from your busy day-to-day life. And you don’t need a big budget or green fingers to transform your space! Here are 10 easy tips to make simple improvements to your garden.

  • Time to get out the trowel 

One of the best places to start when designing your garden is with wildlife and plants. While shopping, choose a variety of flowers and plants so that different areas of the space bloom throughout the year. And you don’t have to be limited to a flowerbed if you have a smaller space utilise your windowsills and any paved areas with some pots. This will also help to attract wildlife to your garden.

  • Perfect paving

You will be surprised how big of a difference paving can make to your space. By carefully choosing the right colour and style, you can easily create an atmosphere and theme. Want a chic French countryside look? Pick a grey or white stone and avoid laying them in straight, regular lines. Or maybe you want a sleek and modern space? Opt for black or silver paving slabs. 

  • Shed some light

If you don’t already have lights in your garden, this is definitely a worthwhile investment. Even the simplest of lighting solutions can create a different ambience and transform the space. Solar panel lights are a great option if you don’t have any plug sockets on the walls of your house, there are many affordable designs available too! This way you can spend more time socialising outdoors even after the sun has gone down.

  • Bring the gym to you 

Whether you are still going strong on your new year’s resolutions or trying to get your daily exercise in, using your garden as a workout space is a great idea. Why not purchase some fitness equipment to use outside and get the whole family involved? Or try out some new sports together, such as Padel, which is a more accessible version of traditional Tennis. Trying out something new is proven to help keep you more motivated and likely to follow a fitness plan for longer. Don’t forget that many garden activities will also work your muscles, especially mowing that lawn!

  • Keep it cool

An effective way to get more use from your garden is to add some shade and weather protection. This could be in the form of a fabric shade sail, of which you could choose the perfect fabric colour to continue the theme of your garden. Or if you are looking for a more permanent solution, you could approach canopy experts, A&S Landscape, for a fabric or polycarbonate structure. This will allow you to get outside throughout the year, come rain or shine! 

  • A natural approach

As well as adding a fabric sail to your garden, you could also combine some shade trees. Often garden centres will stock a range of sizes and species so it’s easy to find the perfect plant for your home.

  • Bring the Inside, Outside

One easy way to instantly add a luxurious and high-end look to your space is by incorporating the interior of your home. You could install a set of glazed fence doors which will open up your room to the garden. Or even build an outdoor kitchen complete with worktops and sink. Your dinner parties will be the talk of the town!

  • Add some fun for your children

Of course, a great way to encourage your little ones to spend more time outside is by adding some play equipment. Some swings or a climbing frame will be used for years and is a sneaky way of helping your children to exercise more regularly too! But what about when the sun isn’t shining? Often schools install canopies in their playgrounds to get more use, and you can do exactly the same at home! This will also provide essential protection from the sun and UV rays too.

  • Don’t forget to join in too 

Playtime isn’t just for the little ones! Invest in some garden-friendly games for the whole family. Giant Jenga and Chess sets are a popular choice and when it’s hot you could also get a slip and slide or perhaps a paddling pool.

  • Add some privacy

If your garden feels a little overlooked, there are many solutions to keeping your space more private. By installing an arch or pergola, you can create a secluded seating area. Take it another step and plant some climber plants for a beautiful effect. 

When designing the perfect family garden, it’s important not to overlook the little details. Often these help you get the most use from your space, from winter to summer.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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