Cosy Living Room

How To Make Your Living Room Extra Cosy

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Spring might be almost upon us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a comfortable and cosy escape from everyday life once the kids have gone to bed and we’ve shut our laptops down for the day. When you have a busy schedule, (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) optimising your living room for comfort and relaxation should be a priority.

Whether you love unwinding with a good book, chatting with friends via video call, streaming your favourite TV shows, or enjoying some peace and quiet after a busy day, when you spend most of your free time in one room, adding some comfortable touches just makes sense.

Read on to discover how to make your living room extra cosy.

Switch to LED lighting

Those gloomy old halogen bulbs might do the job as they suspend from your living room ceiling. But, in terms of cosiness and style, they leave a lot to be desired. Switching to LED lights from Ultra LEDs means transforming your living space almost instantly. This innovative and highly functional lighting solution will illuminate all corners of your living room, making it homely with your chosen colour tone, whilst helping you set the mood with dimmable options.

If you want something modern and sleek, then these updated lighting solutions are a perfect choice, or if you prefer the look of a traditional style bulb, you can have the look but with modern technology. LEDs are much more energy-efficient than traditional energy savers and they’re customisable, helping you set the tone and mood of your living space, effortlessly.

Cosy Living Room

Think about your seating

Are you more of an armchair aficionado or a couch connoisseur? Whatever your preference, seating is a crucial element in your living room. Think about what you get up to in your living room, for example, if you’re someone who has the time and dedication to binge-watch all those latest series then you’ll want something you can stretch out on. Or if you love picking up a book in the evenings or scrolling through your phone, a seat with back and neck support is a great option.

Don’t forget the right scent

When we think about making our rooms cosy and comfortable, it makes sense to consider our senses of touch and sight. But don’t neglect your sense of smell! Finding the perfect living room scent can help you unwind after a busy day and put you in the mood for some relaxation. Whether you prefer a scented candle of something sweet and comforting, an oil diffuser or plug-in of your favourite fresh, florals, including a fragrance can give your living room a level of comfort you won’t want to leave!

And finally, add some plants

Houseplants are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. They bring a touch of personalisation, of character and a sense of freshness to every room. Whether you prefer your houseplants to be fresh and well-tended, or plastic and occasionally dusted, adding a splash of colour to your living room will certainly boost those comfort levels. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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