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How To Make Your Property More Appealing To Tenants And Holiday Makers

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As a landlord, you will want your property to be occupied for as much time as possible in order to ensure your income is flowing naturally. You can rent out your property for a fixed rate to be lived in over a year, or you could rent out to holiday makers for a more premium rate, but not guaranteed dates of occupancy. 

Furniture And White Goods

We will start with what tenants look for in a property. Many tenants, especially first-time renters, will look for furnished properties. This is especially true for those who are lacking financially, as many first-time renters often are, until they start getting settled. 

Most of the time, they will only be seeking the basics, such as a bed and somewhere to sit, but most landlords will also offer white goods. This refers to fridges, freezers, washing machines and sometimes even a dishwasher. 

There are benefits to having these installed, for tenants, it means they don’t have to worry about purchasing these essential goods, and landlords don’t have to worry about people constantly coming in and out of the building installing their own goods.

Gardens And Balconies

What a lot of tenants want from their property, is some outdoor space. This is so they can get fresh air easier, or just have a different space to the main home to relax. The benefit with gardens is that you can, of course, engage with some gardening.

Gardening is a very therapeutic way of helping with mental health needs, as it can help release natural chemicals into our body. It can also help boost physical as well, as it’s a laboured process that can take effort and strain. It’s important to not overdo it however, and know what your body is capable of.

This reason, as well as others, is why tenants want a good big space for a garden, so they have something to work on. There’s a lot that can be done in a garden, to playing games, growing fruit and vegetables, to even having somewhere outdoor to work for a while.

Of course, as mentioned, it’s not always possible for a flat to have a garden. In fact, most of the time flats will not even have access to the roof. With that in mind, many flat landlords have looked into balconies being installed, and if that’s not possible, then they will install Juliet balconies instead.

Juliet balconies are balconies which you can’t walk out on. Meaning you will still have a door on the exterior, but as soon as they’re opened, you’ll be met with the balcony fence. This still gives the effect of a balcony in terms of opening up the flat into the outdoor space, and it can really do a lot for tenants in choosing somewhere to rent.

garden furniture

Big Open Windows And Lighting

Tenants will usually have quite a few options to them when they’re looking into renting, as such, you need to be able to stand out from other landlords. Whilst the interiors of homes can largely be the same in design, you can actually change the windows quite a bit to get ahead.

This is especially important for flats, which don’t have gardens. If you’re able to renovate a window to have it larger and more open, then this will be a great way to introduce more natural lighting, and make the space seem bigger overall.

Not only that, but you should also consider installing blinds into the window, such as the ones offered by Make My Blinds. They offer a range of products, from wooden blinds to black-out roller blinds, and can make them the perfect fit for whatever you need, as well as be able to specify the colour.

Tenants appreciate blinds as it allows them to control the amount of light that comes into a room, and is a more modern approach to privacy.

Spacious Bathrooms And Kitchens

Anyone, regardless of tenant or a homeowner, will want as much space as they can get. This refers to any room really, but especially a bathroom or a kitchen.

Most of the time, a bathroom will be the smallest room in the home, and it can be quite tight. With that in mind, if you can offer a bigger bathroom, or better yet, a second bathroom, then that will be much more appealing to renters. If you have two bathrooms, consider having one with a bath, and the other with a shower cubicle, to help make them stand out.

When it comes to kitchens, space is important for the cooking process. A small kitchen will usually mean less space for appliances and electronics. Not only that, but smaller kitchens mean that if there are multiple people cooking, then you will keep bumping into each other.

If you have a large space, you could build an island cabinet, that offers more surface area for food preparation and also keep people separate.

What Holiday Makers Are Looking For

For those who are looking to rent out their home to holiday makers, they can do so through a service such as Airbnb. This can be for a property that you’re not currently living in, or it could be you’re looking to rent out a room within your own home.

Whatever the reason, it’s important you make your property as appealing to tourists as much as possible. A lot will rest on the location of your property. If your property is closer to transport links, then it’s likely that you will have more business workers wanting to stay with you, and as such, you can make more arrangements for them.

Utilities And Bonuses

For example, business related people staying in your home will most likely want a high-speed internet, in order to be able to work, as well as potentially having more outlets and TVs for them to work with.

For individuals who are looking for a holiday, something more touristy, then they perhaps will not be staying in the property as much during the day. As such, they may just require somewhere to sleep and cook food, unless they plan on visiting local restaurants.

There are other bonuses that can be placed into properties for holiday makers, such as utilities within the kitchen, or in some rare cases, even pets.

Secure Facilities And A Safe Space

One of the main things people look for in regards to staying at a property, is a secure place. This is especially true for those who don’t plan to be in the room much, yet also want to leave their valuables whilst they are out and about.

You can help guarantee the safety of those staying, by having state of the art locks, CCTV or having your home within a complex that has its own security and reception space. A safe space will go a long way for attracting people to stay within your property.

Clean Rooms

Something that everyone will want from their property, is a clean place. As a landlord, you should hire a professional cleaning service to go into the property whilst its empty, in order to completely overhaul the place for pictures for listing sites, and for your tenants to have the best start to their new home.

The same can be said for holiday property landlords, although the cleaning will have to be done in a quicker way for turnaround of guests coming in and out.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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