How To Use Stationery To Cheer Yourself Up

We all have those days when we need a little lift. You might grab a book (this is often my go-to!), have a drink, watch a feel-good film, call a friend or enjoy some chocolate. Little things that instantly brighten your mood, you probably know those things that are always going to help you and it’s good to have a few to draw on, isn’t it? Which is why today I want to throw a few more ideas into the mix, as these are all likely to put a smile on your face too. Here are a few ideas around how to use stationery to cheer yourself up.  

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Rearrange your desk/stash

Organising your stationery can take just a few minutes or it can take hours, it really depends on what you want from it and how much time you want to take doing this. 

You might reorganise the pens on your desk, you might want to go through your washi tape collection and order them all by colour, size or theme, or perhaps you will sort through your stickers, notebooks or paper?

Whatever you do, it’ll remind you of all the lovely stationery supplies you have ready to use and might well spur on another papery activity. 


The benefits of journaling are well-documented, they can be great for relieving stress and anxiety, improving focus and giving you a productive way to channel your energy and thoughts. 

Gratitude journals are a great way to kick start your journal habit and are sure to cheer you up.

You can start small with this, just grab a notebook and each day get into the habit of jotting down three things from your day that you have been grateful for. It can be anything at all, just take the time to think over your day and pick things out. You will start to see that even on the most average or toughest days, you will find something. 

Happy mail 

This one is two-fold in its cheer up factor.

Firstly, having pen pals or using sites such as Postcrossing can mean that on any given day you can be cheered up by receiving happy mail. 

Secondly, settling down surrounded by pretty and colourful stationery and penning a note or letter, to a pen pal or just to a friend to brighten their day, is sure to lift your spirits. 

You can write a long, chatty letter, use colourful pens, have fun with simple mail art and just disappear into your stationery goodies and friendship for a little while. 

I’ve pulled together some pen pal supplies over in my Amazon storefront if you’re looking for somewhere to get started or you can download pen pal packs from my Etsy store and get writing straight away! You might also want to check out The Ultimate Guide For Pen Pals if this one’s a little new to you. 

Watch Stationery YouTube Videos

This one is a fun quick win. 

We all love to just sit back and watch pretty stationery supplies, don’t we? Of course we do!

I shared my stationery stash recently, so take a peek and then you can disappear down the stationery YouTube rabbit hole from there!


Taking the time to sit down and colour can be very relaxing and help you to switch off.

Colourful pencils, bright felt tips, maybe even paints, can all be fun to play with.

You can print off endless different colouring sheets for free from various sites, or treat yourself and pick up a colouring book or two so that you always have something on hand to settle down with for a quiet half hour. 

How would you use stationery to cheer yourself up?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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    1. There’s just something about it! I agree, just surrounding myself with pretty stationery lifts my mood just looking at it x

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