I Fear I Might Burst!

I fear I might burst. We leave for Disney World in a few days time. A holiday that we have been counting down to for twelve months.

Our tickets have been printed. I have a packing list in progress. I have sent over our resort room request. We’ve ordered our food for our Be Our Guest reservations. And you would not believe the amount of times I have checked and moved around our Fast Passes!

The kids are excited. Very excited. I am not sure how well the day before we fly will go. We need to pack, drop the guinea pigs off on their holiday to my mum and organise a few little things and then the main priority will be getting a good night’s sleep ready for the early start and long day ahead. I’m not overly optimistic about the kids sleeping well that night!

Since I shared our plans last month, a few other things have been added into the mix.

I’ve spotted that Disney has extended its park hours over several days of our holiday so I have readjusted a few things to fit around this. They’re suspecting they are going to be busy then!

I have moved a couple of days around to allow for more pool and water park time. I think the kids will love this so I want to ensure we’ve plenty of time to enjoy it.

I have spent a bit more time getting a feel for all the Universal has to offer and the best ways around those parks. I feel pretty clued up now!

Little Man is delighted as he’s now grown enough to be able to do all but two rides in Universal Studios and he can ride every single thing around Disney World. Not bad for a five year old, he is so tall! I’m unconvinced he’ll make use of this new height advantage as the bigger ones are often roller coasters, and he’s not really a fan of those. But we’ll see, he might develop a liking for them whilst we’re there and at least he now has the option to ride them.

The Husband and I have discovered a few new foods and drinks to try. Yep, that’s our main focus. Disney World have launched the Millennial Pink Milkshake at Magic Kingdom and I so want one. The Husband is very keen to visit Voodoo Doughnut and we’ve both decided that we need to add The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen into our plans somewhere.

If you’d like to follow along, I’ll no doubt be sharing over on my Instastories whilst we’re there, come see what we get up to!

What must sees or must dos would you recommend?

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8 thoughts on “I Fear I Might Burst!”

  1. Room for a medium sized human in those cases at all?! 😛 I will for sure be keeping up with instastories; I just love seeing others happy in the Disney bubble. I hope you & your family have the most amazing time!

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