6 Easy Steps When Switching Web Hosting

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Originally written in October 2016, now with 2020 Update!

A couple of weeks ago I started having problems with my blog so I turned to my web hosting company for support. I received very little help and a very frustrating ‘live chat’ only option, which I found time-consuming, unhelpful and inconvenient. With the problem still unresolved, and having had a few issues before, I started to think about switching web hosting companies. I’m not going to lie, though, I was nervous. Switching blog hosts was not a decision I took lightly, as I know so little about the technical side of blogging and given how much work I put in here, I was worried something could go wrong. Fortunately for me, it was People’s Host that I mover my blog hosting over to and they held my hand throughout the process and ensured that switching web hosting wasn’t painful!

I needn’t have worried at all and I am now so pleased to be with People’s Host. It’s very early days, of course, but they handled everything brilliantly and kept me informed every single step of the way. When a couple of things did not go smoothly (I lost some of my sidebar) they did all they could to put it right again, only leaving me with an hour or so’s work all in all as they handled absolutely everything else. They were also very patient answering my questions and queries throughout the process.

I am sharing all of this to reassure other bloggers and website owners that may be a little nervous as I was, that it is actually quite straightforward. After answering my questions and with no pushy sales talk, People’s Host advised me on the package I would need and then moved everything over themselves. It was easy! I would just suggest you bear in mind the following points:

1. Choose your new web hosting company wisely.

My greatest concern was that I’d go through the hassle of moving (although it was less hassle than expected) to have an unimproved or worse service. So ask questions, ensure they are offering what you need and do take the time to check out reviews.

2. Where possible, make a contact at your new company.

This was a huge point for me. I had a point of contact throughout the process who explained everything and handled glitches along the way speedily and efficiently.

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3. Back everything up. Including emails.

I had not even given a thought to my email account, which I ran entirely through my control panel with my old web hosting. Whilst I still have the same email address, the actual emails I had held there were unable to be moved over. Fortunately, I do forward them to my personal email address too, and I keep the ones with details of projects that I am currently working on, so all was OK.

4. DNS Propagation can take up to 72 hours.

This means that whilst you switch over you may get some issues with people being able to access your blog. You’ll want to time it around not needing to write or do any blog admin as any updates you make can be lost as the servers are switched over. In my case, it was actually faster than 72 hours, and whilst some people had problems accessing my latest posts, many were OK.

5. When all’s complete, you may want to then also transfer your domain to your new host.

This is an extra, optional, step and this is likely to incur a small additional cost and take a little while longer, though with no disruption to your service. It’s just something that you might want to factor in to your costs and plans.

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6. Don’t cancel your old hosting immediately.

It is worth just hanging on with your old web hosts for a little while longer, just to allow for any issues that may arise in the period after the switch. In my case, there were none at all, but it gave me extra peace of mind.

I am so pleased to be all moved over now. I had one minor niggle that I needed support with just yesterday which gave me a chance to check out their support service. As with every other interaction I have had with People’s Host, it was brilliant. I received a swift response, which was very helpful and friendly, and the problem was rectified within the hour.

2020 Update:

And here I am, having been blogging for 7 years now and still with the team over at People’s Host. I would 100% recommend them, hence I am an affiliate with them – this is my People’s Host link if you’re thinking of trying them yourself.

PeoplesHost Web Hosting

Over the years that I have been with People’s Host I have been really impressed with them. My blog has had very little downtime, and on the rare occasion that this has happened, the team at People’s Host have been very responsive and proactive in sorting the issue. On the occasions that I have contacted them, I have received speedy replies and I have appreciated how friendly they have been, explaining things in laymen’s terms when I have needed them to. I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my business now, I absolutely recommend People’s Host for your website or blog. Having a hosting company that I trust in completely allows me to work on creating and promoting my content, without having to worry or think about everything else.

What experiences have you had with switching web hosting? Or are you just thinking about taking the plunge?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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