I Was Saddened By…

I was saddened by…. That’s this week’s prompt from Sara over at Mum Turned Mom. I sat down to write it, as I do like to join in, and all that kept coming into my mind was a post that I wrote earlier this week. I don’t know whether you’ve seen it, and I wouldn’t normally just link to another post in a new blog, but this one really matters to me, and yes, saddened me in so many ways. So here it is, and I’m sure when you read it, you’ll see why it just had to be how I joined in with this week’s #ThePrompt..

Put Yourself in the Picture


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6 thoughts on “I Was Saddened By…”

  1. This is such an important post though and thank you as I checked with my GP and my smear is due in April-I won’t avoid going. I’ll do it for myself and my family. A moments discomfort is worth it for them.

  2. Thank you for linking this very important post with #ThePrompt. I am so sorry about your friend, but smear tests, while not the most pleasant of experiences are so important. Well done for raising awareness x

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