I Wonder When I’ll Be A Good Mum?

I wonder when I’ll be a good mum? I wonder at what point my super mum skills will kick in and I’ll absolutely nail it? I’ve yet to really find my feet at this ‘mumming’.

Some mums are fabulous at the baby stage. They are like baby whisperers, filled with endless patience, adoring the tiny bundle screaming in their arms. I loved my kids at this age, think back fondly on those days though only when I am picturing them asleep, hungrily feeding or happily gurgling from their baby bouncer at me. Then I remember everything else, and I can’t help but suspect I wasn’t great at this stage!

Then there are the mums that relish the toddler and preschool years. Creating endless Pinterest worthy games, crafts and tasks for their little ones. My problem is, I get bored a little too easily in these situations. I know that’s not good, but it’s the truth. So we would do some of these things, some of the time. But then the following day would need to be a class or a group. Fab for my daughter who loved them, bad for my son who hated them! So we’d chill around the house, playing Lego, reading stories or watching a movie. Not all that creative there! And my major failure at this age, was that I did not enjoy playgrounds. Oh, we went, my children adore them, I just couldn’t ever stay out for long. What was wrong with me?! Nowadays they still enjoy them, but as they don’t need me pushing the swing over and over and as I don’t feel the need to follow them around hovering in case they fall, we can go for longer as I’ll find myself a bench. So yep, another mum fail for me there.

Then there are those who come into their own when their kids start school. I though I’d fall into this category, having not quite fit into the former two. My daughter’s been at school for a few years and my youngest started in September. I now have two school-aged kids. This is my ‘mum-time’, isn’t it? Erm, nope. Not quite anyway. I am not the mum with the child with the best homemade costumes for plays and book days. My kids use the same Easter bonnet year in, year out. My kids opt out of optional extra homework projects. I am totally messing this up, too.

But OK, the bits I do do well as a school mum, are all around being organised. My kids have never been late, just as I’ve never been late to collect them. They have never forgotten to take in slips, letters, monies and so on for various deadlines and trips. They have not been the kids to forget it’s a non uniform day. They’ve not missed lunch or class fees. There’s never been a party invitation overlooked. Their homework is always completed and returned on time. You know all of that school mum stuff? Yes, that I can do. These are easy, though, these are things I always do well at in any walk of life.

The thing is, I adore my children. They are good kids. They are healthy, bright, kind and happy, so I can ask no more. It’s amazing that they are turning out so well! They are at ages now where they are fun to be with, where they are more independent yet still needs loads of cuddles and reassurances from me, things I can easily do. They do drive me to want to do better by them, to try to get this parenting thing down.

Maybe I’ll be a wonderful mum to tweens and teens? We will see….

How’s your parenting at each stage? I bet you’re nailing it aren’t you?

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5 thoughts on “I Wonder When I’ll Be A Good Mum?”

  1. Ahh! There are some days when I feel like I am nailing it but most days I’m getting through by the skin of my teeth. lol
    Just when I think I’ve got it sussed they go and grow up a little….

  2. I’m not the mum that will spend Saturdays at soft play or make Pinterest worthy dinners, but I read stories (in abundance) and pretend to be a dinosaur and walk along the canal path most days; the things that make my little one happy.

    You’re a wonderful mum now & have been throughout – because you’ve been you; the mum you are to your children. We all have our ups & downs with parenting, that’s for sure, but the consensus throughout is that we’re doing the best for our children the way we know how – I mean, I know there are some exceptions to this, but I’m sure you know what I mean!

    1. Thanks, Jade, lovely comments. I think you’re most probably right, and you can only really be you, can’t you? I just have a niggle that I could be doing it so much better!

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