If I Could Have Just One Room…

If you could have just one room, all to yourself, what would be in it? What colours would you choose? What would it smell like?

I’m daydreaming a little. This is my, ‘when we win the lottery…’ room. And so what would it be like?

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a bookworm.

If I could have just one room, all to myself, I’d want a library. I’d love a library.Β It’d be neat and tidy, just because that’s who I am! I’d enjoy putting all of my books in order (when I was little, I colour-coded every one of my books and they all sat on my shelves in that order – geek as a kid, too!), and then I’d have to have huge, comfortable furniture in there, and cosy throws and beanbags, with lots of lamps and scented candles to make it all feel snuggly and smell gorgeous.

I get carried away looking at photos of them, and to those of you reading this that can take or leave a book, I can only apologise as I’m about to share a few pictures that will probably appear so very dull to you, but to me, they’re just ‘wow’.


There’d be walls lined with hundreds of books (I was imagining the wonderful room, and now I’m imagining the joy that going out and buying all of those books would bring!), and I think I’d go with creams and pinks, and a huge L-shaped sofa and a cuddle chair, too. I’d ‘need’ big cushions in there and I’m thinking 3 lamps dotted about, so I can create a variety of ambiances, and sit in lots of different places and still get good light for my reading. I can feel myself getting carried away, so I’ll reign it in now… πŸ˜‰

As I write this, I’m becoming curious about what other people would choose for themselves. The curiosity is forcing me to start a Meme and a linky up, I think…Yep, I need to know, people.

I’m going to get us started by tagging:

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Please come and share with us what that special ‘If I Could Have Just One Room…’ would be, tag a few more people, and link back, as I’m very curious to know. Oh, and you needn’t wait to be tagged to join in, let your imaginations run wild and share away!


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63 thoughts on “If I Could Have Just One Room…”

  1. I am totally with you on this, how amazing would it be to have your own library, with cosy, comfy seating as you say, and maybe even a window seat to curl up in, overlooking the beautiful garden, for those few occasions when you look up from the page?!

  2. I would love a cosy library come craft room. Walls lined with book shelves. Snuggly sofas. A big desk with my sewing machine set up and all my fabric and bits and bobs organised in super geekish ways. A beautiful view over a park filed with trees would obviously also feature. Above my desk would be photographs of the family and friends in lovely frames. Oh I could day dream about this all day!! I to have set up a small book area in our new house and am on the hunt for a suitably cosy chair to go in the corner.

    Jumped over from PoCoLo

  3. They look fab! The light coming in from the window is amazing. I love reading too, but I’d need some sort of built-in time machine to give me the time to read all those books while getting on with all the other stuff I need to do!

  4. I made a few notes when you tagged me and it’s already looking remarkably similar to yours! Need to raid Pinterest for some lovely photos first πŸ™‚ x

  5. Oh I’m with you a 100%. I dream about having a library study. I want the books to all the walls except I want a fireplace which I can sit infront of while I read a book. This room will also be my study where I write and work. I want to build a little home for us when I return to UK but I’ve always planned to have a huge library/study in it so that I can put out again the 1000+ books we have in storage.

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  7. I’m looking at those pictures and drooling! I adore the idea of unusual book-lined walls, with ladders on runners and all the comfort and charm of a beautiful living space too. I’ve always been of the opinion that a living room has no character without at least one book shelf full of interesting and varied reading materials. If I enter someone’s living room and there are no books I think it is boring and it has no character at all. Also, you can tell a lot about someone from a quick look at their book collection and its a great way of expressing yourself! This all probably stems from growing up with my Dad’s library of books – he has always been a voracious reader and given me and my sister our love of literature.

    1. Glad you like it so much. Lovely to have grown up with such a passion for books surrounding you. My dad isn’t a reader at all, but my mum is – always plenty of bookshelves full for her! I love my books and I’m enjoying passing it on to my kids. I do think being surrounded by them, and seeing your parents reading engenders that love of them, so really, when I grab a few minutes with a book, I’m actually further developing my children ;-)!

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  10. Thank you. And I’m so glad you’re enjoying the meme. It is fascinating to read them and lots of fun. Thanks for linking up x

  11. A wooden, old library where the sunlight streams in through swirls of dusty air. Smelling of old parchment and musty knowledge filled pages. Medieval and magical with a worn out old maroon leather chair for me to sink into on cold winter evenings warming my feet by the fiercely burning fire.
    Ah to dream. X

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  13. Oh my days… All of the above please. I’d also add a little corner where you could borrow any of my books, much like a library – with one of those old-fashioned date stamp and ink pads. I always wanted one of those πŸ™‚

  14. Of course, the perfect post to link up for this week’s theme! I’ve decided my room would have to effectively be a separate building in the garden so I could choose when to be there in peace!

  15. Wow some of those libraries look seriously awesome! I would love a house big enough to have a library in (though think of all the cleaning and dusting!). One room for me though would be a big country style kitchen πŸ™‚ xx

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