If I Could Live Anywhere

If I could live anywhere, where would it be? A friend asked me this the other day and it did get me thinking. There is a huge world out there, and all I’ve ever known is England. Where would we go?

The Husband has a couple of friends that have emigrated to Australia. As with my penchant for browsing RightMove, I’ve looked at some display homes in Brisbane and I can see the attraction. My brother has been over there a couple of times and his wife has family there. The problem for me is, it just feels such a long, long way away. When would we ever come back to visit?

Italy has always appealed to me. The culture, the food, the history, the art, the scenery, all so very beautiful. If I could learn a language, and one day I will make time for this, I’d like to be able to speak Italian. We’ve only visited the north, the furthest south we’ve been in Florence, so we’ve plenty more to explore and I look forward to doing so some day.

The Husband and I had a wonderful time driving around California, back before the kids arrived. LA was fabulous, and we adored Santa Monica. In Orange County we loved Balboa Island and talked about what it would be like to live there, on the off chance we became really rich one day!


I love the sunshine. I would be so happy to be on that beach again right now!

But then, I think I’d miss England. I like the sun, but Christmas only feels right in the cold. I like the changing colours of autumn. I like the Britishness of our culture and the history that surrounds us here.

I think I’ll just focus on taking the kids to visit all of these places when they’re a little older, seeing the world through our holidays. It seems I’m a homebody.

What about you? Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

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2 thoughts on “If I Could Live Anywhere”

  1. UK all the way. COuld totally fancy Edinburgh. Love that city. If I was utterly loaded I’d have a penthouse in London but I don’t think I could live there full time.
    End of the day, I’m happy where I am – near the water, near the forest, near lots of transport links if I need to get away!

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