I’m Getting Back on the Saddle!

Yes, I am! Now, I did enjoy horse riding as a teenager, but it’s not that saddle that I’m referring to, I am talking about cycling.

I struggle to recall when I last rode a bike. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? I vividly remember learning to ride, with my dad running up and down with me outside our old house and me shouting ‘don’t let go, don’t let go’ until of course, he did. I think I was about 5 or 6.

I then know that I had bikes throughout all of my early childhood and through to my teens. All four of us would go on family rides around the park on Sundays. My mum, brother and I used to ride over to my nan’s house, a good ten miles away, on warmer days. They are fond memories. My brother was always on his bike, far more than I ever was, building ramps in the garden (always doomed to fail and end in disaster, but like that would stop him) and I often feel that the soundtrack to my childhood is his BMX spokey dokeys – do you remember those?

But anyway, I digress, why did I stop? My mum tells me that I used to love going out on my bike until I fell off it quite dramatically one day – I do have visions of a bush and lots of scratches, so that does tally! I’m not sure how old I was when that happened, but it put me off getting back on and then after a while, I just didn’t bother with it. I’ve never been especially sporty or interested in exercise, and then once I could drive at 17, why cycle?

Well, things have kind of conspired here to change my mind and get me back on the saddle.

The kids both have bikes and love riding them. Little Man was lucky enough to receive a fab hand-me-down bike a couple of months back and Boo has had a lovely new one recently, an early birthday present from her grandparents. Then it was the Husband’s 40th last month and he decided that he wanted a bike. It was a little out of the blue, as he’s not had one in the couple of decades that we’ve been together, but he wanted one and is now thoroughly enjoying going out and about a few evenings a week. So what about me? Should I get one so we could all go out together to the park? Hmm, not sure it’s my thing. But then Halfords got in touch with me, telling me about their Back on the Saddle campaign, and it kind of felt a bit destined!

So here it is, my brand new bike, the one that’s going to get me cycling again after at least 20 years….

Apollo Elyse

It’s the Apollo Elyse Womens Hybrid Bike:

‘The classic Apollo Elyse Women’s Hybrid Bike features everything you need for a versatile ride. The aluminium frame keeps the bike lightweight, and 18 speed gears help to take the effort out of riding. Wide, easy rolling tyres have added puncture protection, whilst mudguards and a pannier rack help to keep you and your luggage pristine.’

I love it! I’m off to get myself a helmet this week and then we’re all going out next weekend on our bikes so I’ll be giving it a roadtest. To find out how I get on, and whether it is as ‘easy as riding a bike’ watch this space!

Disclosure: I’m working in collaboration with Halfords on this campaign

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11 thoughts on “I’m Getting Back on the Saddle!”

  1. blank

    Lovely new bike?
    Two years ago I went thru a similar thought process as you, All around me seemed to getting bikes and if I wanted to keep up with the children I’d need a bike or a scooter! I opted for a bike after decades of not having one.
    I hope you enjoy the freedom it gives you as a family to go and explore places at your own pace, and to enjoy the outdoors. I hope you enjoy getting back into the (bike) saddle again xx

  2. blank

    Love going out on my bike and the kids love coming too, whether it is in the trailer if I am taking two at once, or on the child seat of just taking the one. There is nothing better than just going out and cycling, with no destination. Enjoy!

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