I’m Loving…My Furry Balls!

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Yes, that’s what I said. Now I should point out here that initially the balls are not furry, just very scratchy, but then the fur comes…

I’m thinking I should probably explain!

As you may know, we have two guinea pigs here. Our little piggies live inside with us, and as such, their cage is fleece lined and all of their ‘furniture’ is also fleece. Here’s a little look at some of their bedding and furniture so that you get the idea…

Ziggy's Piggies Guinea Pigs in Cosies

They have a good old variety of fleeces, from shelves, to snuggle sacks and they now even have a throw cushion sofa – yes, I know, I go too far but I adore them! Anyway, all of this means that every time that I clean them out I need to wash their cosies and fleeces, which is usually twice a week.

There’s usually a little bit of hay left on it, though that tends to shake off quite well, it’s more likely to be their pet hair that sticks to it. So when it goes through the washing machine, though it comes out lovely and clean, it often comes out a bit hairy, too. The next wash also tends to be affected, so we have the odd furry tee shirt!

Until my sister-in-law was here recently as I was washing the fleeces and she mentioned about these pet hair and lint catching balls that might help. Obviously, they were immediately ordered and I now love them! Here they are, small velcro balls and you can see the odd strands of hair still caught. These have been de-fuzzed as they generally come out thick with hair.

pet hair and lint catching balls

Now when I wash the guinea pig cosies, I pop 3-4 of these balls into the washing machine with them and they collect all of the hair during the wash cycle. And I do mean all of it, with none of it left clinging to the fleeces and none of it lingering in the drum and coming out on my next load of washing.

I bought mine from a company that is unfortunately no longer trading, but I’ve spotted these over on Amazon that appear to be the same thing:

Such a simple concept and little gadget, but they work brilliantly well and as you can probably tell, I love my furry balls!

And no, this is in no way a sponsored piece and I did purchase these myself, I just wanted to share as I’ve been really impressed with them.

This post contains affiliate links

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8 thoughts on “I’m Loving…My Furry Balls!”

  1. They look brilliant. We don’t have that problem with pets, but it’s good to know that there is a decent problem to remove lint and hair. I may just have to give them ago.

  2. That is genius, good for anything pet related that you are washing! Lucas is starting occasionally mention that he would like some guinea pigs. His best friend has some but I’m still reluctant because of the cleaning up, also we don’t have the space for them in the house and the weather is so horrible I’d hate for them to be stuck outside. I even came and had a read of some of your posts but I’m trying to put him off until next year when I hope he’ll help with them a little more 🙂 xx

    1. They’re so simple! I adore my guinea pigs, but I have to say it is me that does everything for them. I expected that when we got them, though – kids don’t tend to stick with these things, do they?! Do shout if you’ve any questions about them 🙂 x

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