I’m Loving……Galt Toys

I haven’t shared an ‘I’m Loving…’ post for a little while, but Galt Toys has prompted me to do so!

Boo entered a competition with them last month to win a £50 bundle of their arts and crafts supplies, as part of their #MiniMasterpieces series. You can see the details here, along with her winning entry. She had lots of fun doing it, as she is really into her art. We tweeted the picture, and pretty much forgot about it, until we found out that she’d won! Oh my, was she pleased with herself?! And then the prize arrived..

boo and her Galt Toys

There was loads! She literally did not know which thing to start on! We went for the paint by numbers set first, which includes 2 pictures, and the felts are tipped like little paintbrushes, and numbered to correspond with the picture..

painting by numbers Galt

She really likes these, and has taken her time over them, doing a little more every few days. I might have got involved, too – it’s very therapeutic!

The Sponge Painting set has been great for a play date she had over recently, and she’s been creating with her dad, too. It comes with several paints, lots of different sponge shapes and various pieces of paper to inspire pictures..

sponge painting

And the Horrible Histories set has loads in it!

Horrible Histories craft set Galt Toys

And there seem to be enough crafting goodies in the big tub to last both kids an age!

craft supplies from Galt

I’ve been impressed with the range, and the quality of every single item that we received. And as I said, this was a prize, so I don’t have to write this post, but I wanted to share how well it’s all going down here. It’s been handy to have these, not just to keep Boo very happy, but also because I’m thinking they’ll make nice presents for the round of birthday parties that I’m sure will commence once Boo starts school in September, so this has inspired me – now I know what to get!

I do believe there are #MiniMasterpieces challenges on each month, too, so you could get your little ones having a go.

What do you think? Have you tried Galt’s art and crafts products before?

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9 thoughts on “I’m Loving……Galt Toys”

  1. That all looks so much fun. I think I would love the sponge painting the best. I love stuff like this. Z likes glue mostly right now but enjoys cutting things out and anything glittery.

    1. Everything has been so much fun and there are hours and hours worth of more play time left. Glue and glitter are fun 🙂

  2. Well done Boo! She, rightly looks very proud of herself. I think Monet missed out personally, as everything is so much better with pink glitter on 🙂

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